Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Blazer Hockey Talk / Host Warriors Tonight

Our third edition of Blazers Hockey Talk on Radio NL is set for Monday evening, January 10th (trade deadline day) from the Ramada Rooftop Lounge.

Our guests include Head Coach Guy Charron and General Manager Craig Bonner. No doubt there will be plenty of things to discuss. It begins at 5:30pm Monday night. Check it out online at www.radionl.com


Meanwhile, the Blazers chase their fifth win in their last six games as they host the Moose Jaw Warriors tonight. If the Blazers can get the win, it would be their best stretch of the season.

JC Lipon is out with an ankle injury. It's not a serious injury, but will keep him out of the line-up tonight. The Blazers have recalled F Aspen Sterzer.

The Warriors come through sitting 2nd in the east division and fifth in the eastern conference. This is the Warriors fourth game through the BC division. They are 2-1 so far.

The Blazers are 3-2 vs east division teams this season. The Warriors east division team to come through. On their side, they'll me missing F Quinton Howden (Canada WJ) and Tony Honejsek (Czech WJ)

Face-off at 7pm from ISC.


Switzer said...

Jonny, I tried to post this on Drinnan's blog, but it wouldn't let me comment. So much for the "transparency" that the Kamloops Daily News is ranting about...

Gregg, I enjoy your writing, but I wouldn't want to be a subject of it. Years in the media makes a guy cynical. I know. I've heard the comparison to you and "Comic Book Guy" from the Simpsons many times around the league. It's true. You overlook facts to simply say "worst (insert topic) ever"

I'm no writer, but I'm sure there have been many times when you've been presented with the choice to write something flattering about the Blazers, or type something whitty...which may put the Blazers in a less than favorable light.

I've chosen to take the shot a lot in my career. So have many.

I don't know what happens in Kamloops with the media. I'm good friends with Jon Keen, but we don't shop talk much. I would suggest you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you've honestly given the Blazers a fair shake. Have you given them the benefit of the doubt as many times as you've zinged them? Maybe you have...but I bet you haven't.

When the Broncos inducted the 1989 Memorial Cup team into their Hall of Fame, it was an awesome weekend for all involved...but your coverage on your blog had to have a Graham James reference to sour the story. Yes, it was a relevant footnote to the event, but you made it all about Graham James in your writings.

I respect you as a writer...but you probably had this coming Gregg.

I hope that in the interest of "transparency" this comment isn't deleted or rejected.

Ryan Switzer
Small Market Radio Guy
Swift Current

Anonymous said...

Great post switzer, I couldn't agree with you more, always taking potshots, like the 10th smallest crowd etc. Maybe the KDN and Drinnan should talk about their dwindling subscribers, I believe they have gone from 20,000 down to 7000, now that's news

Jon Keen said...

For the record I'm staying out of the issues between Drinnan and the hockey club. I have a job to do.

Also for the record...the WHL seems to be supporting the team. Take that for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

cant believe the blazers put up with him for so long, long time coming

Spencer said...

yeah, while I don't think Blazers management is completely innocent in this whole deal, I've got to agree that Gregg has gotten a bit out of control and needed this little hit to the ego. These days, sports columnists are following the general "Howard Stern" media theory of getting people riled up is the best way to get their attention. In Portland, we have a guy named John Canzano who has taken this way too far as well. I just hope the players and the community (especially the young fans) don't take the brunt of this little tug-of-war.

As for the Blazers Hockey Talk, wish you wouldn't have chosen the 10th as the Oregon Ducks are playing in the National Championship that night. Hopefully, there will be more installments as the season goes along.

Anonymous said...

I am curious Mr.Keen. How can the League support the team while under the media guide?It is what it is.This doesn't seem to be a grey area.Mr.Drinnan works for the Daily News which is in fact the media.Understandable if he was just a blogger,freelancer,ect but he is a professional writer from the Kamloops media any way you slice it.He would have to be in direct violation of the media guide which one would have to think is pretty hard to do considering free speech. Can you tell me where the media guide was breached? Sounds to me like the Blazer brass is playing like 8 yr old girls on the playground more than anything.I wonder why they couldn't respond with any constructive ideas for a solution in response to Drinnans comments.It sounds to me like they could use more time stepping up to the plate,holding some accountability, and working on the team and less time trying to silence someone for not sugarcoating things with them.


Anonymous said...

Good for you for staying out of it Jon. Don't let an angry and bitter man's dysfunctionality pull you out of the level of respect you have earned. There has to be a reason the WHL is supporting the team, by allowing them to block him out. Anyway Jon, you are being smart.

Anonymous said...

Mr Switzer,
Not only did he include James (who is unfortunately a footnote in most discussion of that era), he actually chastized the Broncos for not including him on the plaque and induction.

In essence, he was pissed at teh Broncos for not putting Graham James in their hall of fame.

How freaking warped is that?

Dub This Week said...

Why wouldn't the league take the teams side in this. Sandman Hotels are a league wide sponsor and happen to be owned by Tom Gagliardi.

No offense to Jon but I have been following the team all season and there have been equal amounts of criticism towards the Blazers from both Jon & Drinnan. In fact Jon you may have been more critical which as a more direct employee of the team I give you credit for.

If the Kamloops Daily News walks away from the Blazers and never covers them again what good does that do? Is there another newspaper in town that will provide them coverage?

Regardless the personality of the reporter I think what is at stake and the WHL should be ashamed of is an attack on journalistic integrity.

If Gregg Drinnan has a fault I would say is that he does not take sides, he does not show a bias and offers what is the story. People often disagree with reporters who do this and then start to assign them with personalities such as being egotistical, a SOB etc but they are sticking to the fundamentals of good journalism which in this day and age we need more of. I have read many Gregg Drinnan articles and gritted my teeth and have nodded my head in agreement.

I think the Blazers have made a very serious mistake and have hurt the integrity of the entire league as witnessed by the backlash by many national media on twitter. Whomever has the grudge call it a smooth move...

Be careful Jon if you are critical they may make you ride in the luggage compartment of the bus on the next road trip, or drive yourself...

Jon Keen said...

LOL, I'm not worried.

With that said, part of my job (and every other broadcaster) is to have a good relationship with the team. I've been on both sides and getting along with a junior team serves far better purpose than not.

The Blazers have treated me excellent in my first year here and have been overly accomodating. I don't think the beef between GD and the hockey team is based on this season, it's based on the coverage of the last eight. It's a "straw that broke the camels back" scenario.

It's not my place to defend the guy - just as he and the KDN could care less if the radio station was battling with the hockey team.

Anyways, I'm off skiing today and won't be around to approve/moderate any comments.

Enjoy the gold medal game....