Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Just Another Day....

- So what will practice be like today following comments in our post-game show last night in Vancouver (see post below) ?

Head Coach Guy Charron wasted no time getting up to the broadcast booth at Pacific Coliseum. He had something to say. Personally, I like the fire and passion.

I'll let you know how today goes.

- It was great to have legendary Public Address announcer for the Canucks and Giants John Ashbridge on our broadcast last night. It was fun to sit back and hear his stories about his other ventures such as commercial voicing, video game work and his movie role in "Miracle".

John has such a recognizable sound and is very familiar to Canuck fans. He's been in the his role since 1987.

His greatest moment behind the mic? Easy.

"Team Canada goal scored by number 87 Sidney Crosby, assisted by number 12 Jarome Iginla"

The Golden Goal.

- Had a near run in with the former team yesterday. The Swift Current Broncos were just leaving the restaurant in Chilliwack after their post-game meal following a 5-4 win over the Bruins. The 10:30AM start had the the Broncos and Blazers crossing paths outside the restaurant's parking lot as the Blazers stopped for their pre-game meal before the game in Vancouver.

A few texts went back and forth.

"Cut the chord" Was quipped in my direction from one of the Blazers staff.

The Blazers and Broncos meet Friday night at ISC. Face-off at 7pm.

- Speaking of Friday night....

(logo courtesy Ashley Neuls, Blazer office)

More tomorrow...


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