Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blazers 3 Broncos 2

- The silence was deafening inside Interior Savings Center as Broncos F Killian Hutt laid motionless on the ice after a third period hit from Jordan DePape. Hutt will be ok. He was taken to hospital overnight but was up, walking and talking. DePape, didn’t explode into him and the hit wasn’t dirty. He just caught Hutt in a vulnerable position. The league will review it. I’m thinking the “blind side” buzz word these days will be factored in. DePape didn’t make the trip Spokane for tonight’s game against the Chiefs.

There was concern all over the rink for Hutt. On the ice, both teams were all one knee on the ice. Three Bronco teammates huddled around Hutt as both teams’ medical staff worked on the injured player. Broncos Trainer Jaime LeBlanc “Butter” immediately signalled for help when getting to Hutt on the ice. Killian isn’t a player I know personally but in talking to his teammates, he’s a guy that’s fit in and is well liked in the room. He’s friends with Blazer captain Chase Schaber. Schaber had a lot of concern and emotion in his voice when asked about the situation in our post-game show.

Blazer fans stood and gave Hutt a nice send-off as he was wheeled across the ice on a stretcher. It sounds positive for him moving forward. A concussion will likely keep him out of the line-up until after the Christmas break.

Great job by the two trainers, the Blazer team doctor and the paramedics. Great team effort. These guys are the unsung heroes of junior hockey.

Bronco broadcaster Shawn Mullin is keeping an eye on Hutt's condition. His link is over on the right side.

- Chase Schaber finished off a beautiful goal late in the 2nd period on a three-way passing play with linemates Brendan Ranford and Jordan DePape. Watch for this one on WHL Plays of the Week.

- Brendan Ranford’s teddy bear tossing goal 49 seconds into the 2nd period led to a Ranford celebration. As he pumped his fist, his glove flew off and ended up a few rows into the stands. He eventually got his glove back. Funny stuff.

- One teddy bear got hung up in the netting over the glass in the Broncos end. The Blazer players lent their sticks to some people in the stands to see if they could whack it free. It was tied up pretty good. It eventually came down but took some “coaxing”.

- Cody Eakin was as advertised. He scored both Bronco goals and logged a ton of minutes. The Bronco forward has collected six goals and three assists so far in the three games through their BC swing. I had a chance post-game to wish him good luck at Canada’s World Junior Selection Camp in Toronto. I told him I couldn’t wait to watch him play over the holidays. Cody will show the Nation what he’s about over the next month.

- Eakin may have had the line of the night when engaging in a verbal battle with Blazer F Ryan Hanes. After Hanes had said something to the Broncos forward, Eakin responded with “I can’t even say anything to you… you look like that pirate.., Captain Hook.” Hanes has the full beard and moustache going. He does bare a resemblance. Ryan Hanes is one of the biggest characters in the league. One of the good guys no doubt.

- The Blazers killed off all seven Bronco powerplays. Personally, I think it had more to do with the Broncos misfiring on passes, and their sloppy play than it did with anything the Blazers were doing.

- The powerplay advantages favoured the Broncos 7-1. I know the Blazer coaching staff was baffled as to why it was so lopsided.

- It was good catching up with some of the Bronco players. They have a good crew over there. I wish those guys the best. It was a fun game to call. I hope they can add a couple pieces and make a push in the playoffs this season. I think that’s what Mark Lamb intends to do over the next month.

- The Blazers departed right after the game for Spokane. Spokane played in Vancouver last night. The two teams arrived at Spokane arena within minutes of each other. Both teams unloaded at the same time. This should at least level the playing field somewhat.

That's all for now... I'll try to update again before the 7pm face-off.



Anonymous said...

it was great listening to the webcast last night JK.

Anonymous said...

I heard Hutt is going to rejoin the broncos today. good news

O said...

"Wasn't a dirty hit"? I guess they had a better view on the tape than you did, his suspension is TBD. Looked dirty to me, on tape.

Anonymous said...

It is way to hard to tell from the tape...