Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday Update....

Here's what's going around in my world these the Bronco season comes to end, the blog becomes more of a personal diary than a Bronco info source. So be fore-warned...

I'm a little disappointed that former Bronco Dale Weise never did see any NHL action with his call-up to the NY Rangers with four games to play in the regular season.

#32 Weise was again scratched yesterday as the Rangers met Philly in a one-game showdown to decide who gets into the playoffs in the East. The Flyers took it in a four-round shootout ending the Rangers season and the chances of Dale getting into a game.

As the saying goes...there's always next year....


"Hollywood" Travis Bobbee?

It was recently brought to my attention that Bronco D Travis Bobbee played a role in the CBC Don Cherry movie "Keep Your Head Up Kid"

Bobbee, while playing with the Portland Winterhawks was an extra. He played the role of a teammate to Don Cherry in the 1st part of the two part series. There's a real distinctive shot of Bobbee while seated in the dressing room.

"Ricky" Bobbee says he was seen in another part of the show as well. Bronco Assistant Coach Tim Kehler PVR'd it. I'll have to take another look.

Great story....

That reminds me of My colorman Tim Tisdale's movie role back in the 1995 Jean Claude Van Damm action thriller "Sudden Death".

The movie, filmed in Pittsburgh actually features some pretty good action involving Tiz.

We were talking about it again Friday night. Here's a quick refresher.

Movie producers needed to simulate a hockey game between the Penguins and L.A. Kings. So they recruited the two closest professional teams to play the roles.

Tisdale was playing with Wheeling of the ECHL at the time. They played the role of the L.A. Kings with Tizzy donning a "Bernie Nichols" jersey. The Johnstown Chiefs played the role of the Penguins.

The producers wanted the teams to play hard so they offered up an extra $5000 to the winning team.

So they played a game and the movie crew shot it and just took the parts they wanted out of it. Tizzy "Bernie Nichols" went on to score a couple goals in the game which made the final product. He also helped Wheeling win the game and collect the reward cake.

He tells me there was about 4000 fans in the Igloo in Pittsburgh, the rest was cardboard cutouts in the rest of the 13,000 seats. Unreal.


Got a text last night from Andrew Walker - he was hosting game six for the Fan 960 between Calgary and Medicine Hat. "Keener, if the game goes to double OT can you be our intermission guest?"

I had forgotten about the game and then realized it was on Shaw.... I replied "sure, just don't ask me anything about the game...I haven't seen any of it."

Former Bronco Kris Foucault scored late in the 1st OT to give the Hitmen the win and the series victory.

I was off the hook. Next time Walks....


Regan Bartel is Kelowna is reporting on his blog that former Bronco G Mark Guggenberger has been called up to the AHL's Manitoba Moose.

I'm assuming it's an free-agent try-out agreement.


Here's what's on the radar the next little while. WHL Bantam Draft April 29th in Edmonton... Memorial Cup in Brandon May 14-23rd, NHL Entry Draft in Los Angeles June 24-25.

I would love to get to two of three of these if possible. Just have to get a plan in place....


Broncos Media Relations Coordinator Keegan Goodrich also has a a Vegas stag party planned later this month with his wedding coming in June.

That WILL be a good time.

Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to take a pass.

That has "The Hangover" movie written all over it though....


Former Bronco Head Coach/GM Dean Chynoweth had the best seat in the house for the Sidney Crosby show yesterday. Now an assistant coach with the NY Islanders, Deano watched Crosby score his 50th and 51st in his five-point game against the Isles.

The season is over for the Islanders. I wonder how long it will take Deano to head to his cabin in Whitefish, MT. I wouldn't wait too long if I was him...


Golfing yesterday at the Chinook. It was so chilly the last few holes I actually hit the command start on my truck walking up the last fairway.

Surprisingly, the course was very busy yesterday. There's something about watching The Masters that gets everyone in the mood.
There could be some snow headed our way this season on hold.


This is just awesome...

I love how the NHL schedule worked out that saw Dallas play their final game of the regular season in Minnesota.

Mike Modano makes one last stop in the city where it all started and here's what happened during the game....

Later he returned as the game's first star wearing the old style #9 Minnesota North Stars jersey.

Awesome moment.

What will I remember most about him? Has to be that trademark jersey flap on the back when he really winds it up.


A pic of me and my good friend Vassy Kapelos taken two weeks ago in Saskatoon....

The transplanted Torontoian and former Swift Current TV reporter is on her way.

She worked her final days this weekend at Global Saskatoon and is off to Global Edmonton. This is a great move for her.

No doubt she will do a great job...



Speaking of Edmonton, I must have pocket-dialed Oil Kings play-by-play broadcaster A.J. Jacubec 10 times in the last week. My BB has been on the fritz and it randomly calls the first name in my contacts. The button that looks like a green telephone is stuck.

He's been a good sport about it...even on the 2am calls.

That's it for Monday... have a great week.


Anonymous said...

A good update today. You should try and blog more regular.

Regan Bartel said...

Can you blog more vacation pics?

Jon Keen said...

Haha Regs... You're coming with me next February! That's the only way you'll get off my case.

O said...

Still using the BB Storm? DUmp it and get the Tour, 3X the phone.

Jon Keen said...'s on it's last legs though. Broken screen, sticking buttons. I think that will be the plan...or an Iphone once Sasktel gets on board.

O said...

Kid has Iphone and loves it but she's in Alberta. Could be a while before Sasktel gets their act together enuff to support it. Could be a couple years before I'd trust it here.

Anonymous said...

Haha the keener hater strikes again! What a losa!