Friday, April 09, 2010

End of an Era

Those who know me know who my favorite hockey player was growing up. Here's some dramatic stuff last night in Dallas.

Mike Modano scored the game-tying goal late in the third period which set up the shootout winner in what sure looked like his last game in Dallas. This is what sports is about.

Love the call from the Stars TV crew...


Anonymous said...

Great clip!
I remember the poster on the bedroom wall and the #9 Jersey.
Hope you still have them.

CJ said...

Not A Huge Stars Fan or MM fan but that vid sent shivers down my spine good to see the stars faithful send Modano off in fashion!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is not Dallas related but I was curious that if Brandon goes ahead and wins the WHL championship, seeing that they are the host city as well does that mean who ever lost to Brandon in the WHL final will get a birth in Memorial Cup? There needs to be four teams now doesn"t it?