Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heatherington Comments

Our newsroom spoke with Broncos 1st round selection Dillon Heatherington this morning in Calgary.

The Calgary "AAA" Bronks defenseman was taken 11th overall by the Broncos.

"It was an incredible feeling, I am so excited for the opportunity that now presents itself," said a glowing Heatherington an hour after learning the news he was a Bronco.

"I know it's a small town and everyone knows you, it should be lots of fun," he continued.

We asked him about what kind of player he is.

"I'm a fantastic skater, overall a great defenseman. I'll make plays in the d-zone but like to help to put the puck in the net."


smackitsakic said...

Didn't he also use the word 'awesome' to describe himself? Fairly high self-praise for a new and unproven draftee.

Jon Keen said...

He sounds like a real genuine kid. You would have to hear him to understand his tone. There's no self-praise intended. First interview ever too.

smackitsakic said...

Understandable, and am glad to hear that his personality doesn't match his first interview:)

He must have just went to the hockey cliches and threw in some praiseworthy adjectives to boot.