Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back in the Day....

First up....

More on yesterday's post about the Broncos change in start times for next season.

"The Broncos have been doing a f
an survey and most of the responses we got back were positive to the 7pm start," commented Broncos Media Relations Coordinator Keegan Goodrich.

"We wanted to make it more friendly for families especially during the week. A 7pm start across the board makes it consistent so fans know exactly when games are starting."


Thanks to local Bronco fan Arlene Yee...she recently sent me a note and dropped off some incredible Bronco/Legionnaires literature...

She writes....

"My husband Ed and I have been season ticket holders since the beginning of S.C. Hockey. But didn't renew our season tickets this past season because I was on chemo and just couldn't attend the games.

We listened to all the broadcast games and enjoyed your play-by-play very much. Our seats were right under your broadcast booth, the same row as Hilda S. sits.

I hope we will be able to attend next seasons Bronco games, if not I will we will be listening to the games.

A True Bronco Fan,

Arlene Lee"

She dropped off an old 1980-81 Bronco program from their SJHL days. It was the team current Broncos Head Coach / GM Mark Lamb played for after playing his "AAA" midget with the Legionnaires.

That team included familiar names like Lane Lambert and Dallas Gaume - both current or former coaches in the WHL.

The team was captained by Gull Lake native Terry Stevenson. He's the father of Dusty Stevenson who just signed a pro-contract with the Washington Capitals.

I also noticed locals Dan Kerslake and Craig Hennig in the program. Kerslake I believe is an elementary school principal in the city and Hennig is a local restaurant/bar owner.

Thanks to Arlene for the package. We hope to see you back in the rink this upcoming season.



Switzer said...

A 7 o'clock start puts us in the Ak lounge for post game drinks and pizza sooner. Everybody wins.

O said...

Ahhh...good old days. I remember old Frank, use to live in the little house next to Elmwood store. Tipped a few brews with him.

Jon Keen said...

Yes, that thought process has crossed my mind Switz, lol

Anonymous said...

i'm just wondering about the large amount of out of town support the team gets how will this effect them.