Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sources: Chynoweth Leaving Broncos

Breaking News......

It appears as if Swift Current Broncos Head Coach / General Manager Dean Chynoweth is moving on.

He's set to resign his position with the Broncos at a news conference set for tomorrow morning at the Credit Union i-plex for another opportunity.

Chynoweth was hired as the Broncos Head Coach / GM back in June of 2004 and has been in the present role for the last five seasons.

More details coming. The Eagle 94.1 FM will try and carry the news conference live.



Anonymous said...

now I am going to go ahead and start the rumour mill with potential candidates.......(in no particular order)
1. your broadcast partner
2. Dean Brockman
3. Michael Dyck

funny Habscheid has a gig already because that would've been the 1st name tossed out..........coincidental timing of this announcement?


Anonymous said...

Sad,Sad,Sad... When we could have had Marc here. The board should be kicked right in the ass. What time is this news conference? Please get some of these no brains off the damn board. They are a joke.

Anonymous said...

What is Dean going to do? Any chane Tim Kehler can get the job as head coach? I think we should go for Tim squared behind the would have your local flavour with Tim Tisdale. Maybe we could add Danny Lambert as a second assistant.

dogger said...

Why do so many people in Swift Current have this ridiculous assumption that if Marc Habscheid was hired by the Broncos the CHL might as well mail the Memorial Cup to Swift Current. Marc is a quality coach and individual but he's not the end-all be-all savior of a hockey franchise. Every single team in the Dub wants the same win. I knew that if Dean re-signed the Bronco fans out there would be crying about brutal timing and how "WE COULD HAVE HAD MARC". I takes more than a coach and GM to make a championship team. If Dean is moving on then good luck to him and thanks for the past 5 years. I know the Broncos head coaching job will be a highly sought after position and you can bet that the board will have some quality candidates to choose from.

Jon Keen said...

I think Tim Kehler should garner heavy consideration.

Mr.Morin said...

How could you have had Marc? Last I checked he accepted another job with the time Chynoweth was still with the Broncos. Are you going to say that Chynoweth should have been axed to hire Habscheid? If have no idea how the world operates.

Anonymous said...

The board DID screw up.
1)leaving Dean in a lame duck scenario
2) should have either supported Dean or not to be able to attract best coach/gm (Habschied or not)
3)they made the worst decision and should take responsibility

Anonymous said...

It, from what I understand, was NOT a foregone conclusion that Marc Habscheid would have been offered, or would have accepted, the position with the Bronco org. Would it not be better to stop dwelling on 'what might have been', wish BOTH Dean & Marc well in their new endeavors, and start focusing on the new look and direction of the SC Broncos? I've never encountered more negativity in my life.

Lee Jones said...

TSN is reporting Chynoweth is taking an assistant job with the New York Islanders. Article is on the website.

Anonymous said...

Ladies & Gentleman:

Habscheid was NOT interested in being the coach of the Bronco's. He knows the situation all to well, and the situation was...NO WIN for Habschied!!!

Now if the position was Coach/G.M, that is an altogether situation. A guaranteed long term comittment, now there would be discussion.

No way on earth would Habscheid go without TOTAL control. With all due respect to the Board, you never had a chance even if your were remotely interested. The best thing happened for Habscheid and his son Zach. They can come home and enjoy the summers and not be the target of every move made, good and or bad!!!


Anonymous said...

if you're going to blame the board, blame the right people...they're the ones deano just made his whipping boys. they pick him over habsch., then he spits in their face...good work mr arling. predictable.