Monday, June 08, 2009

A few days late....

Here's a highlight of the Habscheid quotes from our interview last week....

JK: We've talked about finding the "right fit" for awhile now, what makes Chilliwack the right fir?

MH: With anything when you're building a house you have to have a foundation and I think there's a good one here. It's a good market, it's good some good ownership involved and the facility is very good as well. The other thing is that it's a young franchise with room to grow. Also, having a good support group around me is very important.

JK: Team President Darryl Porter mentioned at the news conference that talks between you two had been going on for months. In return you thanked him for his patience. What took so long to get it done?

MH: Through the whole thing I just wanted to take my time. They were doing their due-diligence with the other candidates. There was no rush to do anything. We discussed a lot of organizational things to see the direction that we both wanted. It was a good process because in the end it made the decision easy.

JK: The term "long-term deal" was used a few times...nothing was made public. I'm sure your happy with the deal. Can you talk on that?

MH: It worked out for everybody. There was a lot of so-called experts that we're saying the only place I'd go was if it included ownership but I can tell you right now I have no ownership in this team. It was the right fit and it made the decision easy.

JK: How comfortable are you with the Bruins roster and 50 player list?

MH: Everything is up for evaluation. I think you don't want to do anything to reactionary. You want to get a feel for what the roster is all about. It's nice to talk to people all you want but it's nice to look at it for yourself. The only way I'm going to be able to do that is training camp. But if the right situation comes along to help our team we'll look at that but you really want to be careful and methodical so I think patience is a key word.

JK: We spoke about you maybe trying to shake the rust off from being out of the WHL since 2004. Are you expecting some things to be different or a lot of it the same?

MH: Coaching is coaching and you're not coaching hockey you're coaching people. The game is always going to be the game. Helping Regan (Darby) with the "AAA" Legionnaires (in Swift Current) was good because he let me run some practices and do video and those types of things. That was good for me to get back and dust off the old coaching manual. It will be good to get going again with a group.


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