Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Randoms / Eakin Quotes / Free-Agent Try-out Update

Welcome back from the weekend....

What a busy weekend in Swift Current with grad ceremonies Friday and Frontier Days wrapping up last night after four days of action. For me the Fair is a "been there done that" scenario but I think organizers did a really good job this year.

The show ended with the fireworks at the fairgrounds. Great fireworks, but I could done without the commentary on 98.5 FM. The show was synchronized to music with two gentlemen doing skits and telling jokes. Just blast the fireworks next time. They stand up pretty well on their own.


Now to Cody Eakin who was taken by the Washington Capitals in the 3rd round, 85th overall in Saturday's NHL Draft.

Here's what he was saying afterwards.

On being drafted by the Capitals.......

"They have a good young squad and the last couple years they've really turned it around. Backstrom, Semin and obviously Ovechkin. To meet those guys and see them on the ice is going to be a real shell shock I think."

On being a 3rd round selection.....

"I didn't really know where I was going to fall...somewhere in the first three rounds. I can't complain going to a great organization like Washington. I'm excited to head down to their prospects camp in a couple weeks."

On being taken after several WHL players he was ranked higher than....

"I think I've got some things to prove when playing against those guys that went ahead of me. There's a little bit in the back of my mind that tells me that I want to show these guys up and be the better player on the ice every night.

On watching five WHL'ers drafted in the opening round Friday night....

"Obviously I feel like I'm on the same level as them. I know I can play with those guys and against them and on nights be better than them. They were some high picks but I feel on any given night I feel I can give them a run."

You can watch an interview the Capitals website folks did with Cody following his selection here.
I'm very impressed with the Capitals draft coverage on their website. Great work.


I've been holding on to this info for some time but apparently NHL teams are now releasing who they've invited for a free-agent tryout.

A pair of Bronco graduating players are headed to NHL camps. G Travis Yonkman has been invited to New York Rangers camp while there was early word that D Spencer McAvoy has been invited to Columbus Blue Jackets camp. Good luck guys. Maybe there will be something official coming soon.


Who's the next Head Coach / General Manager of the Broncos? I get that question a lot lately. The interview process has begun and not a lot of names have emerged. Maybe that's the way it should be. Someone made the comment to me that it should be an entirely confidential scenario. That person is probably right, but Bronco fans won't stand for that. They need something to get excited about and a thirsty for some tidbits here and there. After all, it's the fans and sponsors that make the junior hockey world go around. I can tell you this much, Mark Lamb did interview Saturday for the job. We will see if more names from the outside come out in the coming days.


Thanks to an unnamed NHL scout for the message on my voicemail overnight. Sounds like you guys are having a good time in MTL. Way to get'er done guys.


The CHL Import draft is tomorrow. The Broncos will more than likely make two selections. This draft may spell out the future of import F Jan Dalecky. Although eligible to return for his 19 year-old season, I'm not sure what his status is moving forward. There has been talk that he will stay back in the CZE this year and that he may done with the WHL. If that's the case it'll be too bad. The personable, speedy forward has been one of my favorites the past couple seasons.

What's on the Broncos import shopping list? You would have to think they will be looking at a goaltender and defenseman to help shore up some potential depth issues for next season.

This year's import draft holds a lot more at stake than in previous years from my perspective.


I may have more info later in the day.... stay tuned.


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