Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tigers Advance

It was an ending far to familiar for Bronco fans as the Medicine Hat Tigers won the deciding game at the Credit Union i-plex with a 4-1 win.

The Broncos may have outshot (40-20) the Tigers, but the chances were almost even. Long perimeter shots from the Broncos were gobbled up by a stellar Ryan Holfeld with no 2nd opportunities.

The Tigers were always to carry momentum by scoring the first goal at the games at the i-plex. It usually happened in the first few minutes.

You could say the Broncos deserved better fate in this one but it's not a one game series, it's a best-of-seven and the team that wins the series deserves it.

I'm proud of our guys. They are good kids. They had a great season.

We knew this series was going to be down to the wire, and that's exactly what happened.

To be honest, at about 1am at our post-game gathering you wouldn't have been able to tell who won or who lost that game. No need to dwell on it. It was another great year which I thoroughly enjoyed. Great staff. Great people.

Good luck to the Tigers. Will Desjardins is a class guy, so is their broadcaster Bob Ridley. I hope they can put up a fight in the 2nd round.

I'll have more of a season recap later this week. It's too early for that sort of stuff. The Broncos did some great things this year. 42 regular season wins - the most since 2001-02. Home ice advantage for the first time in six years and attendance up nearly 10% over last year.

Thanks to those people who have passed along some nice things about our broadcasts this year on the Eagle 94.1 FM. Tim and I had a great time this year and saw lots of hockey. I think we bring a good product to our listeners and sponsors.

Our broadcast ads and feature sponsors were sold-out again this season. We appreciate our sponsors and hope to have them back again next season.

Also a big thanks to the folks behind the scenes at the Eagle 94.1 FM. Our radio station and the Broncos have a solid partnership unmatched in the WHL.

Of course, to the all the loyal Bronco fans, friends, family, billets, Bronco parents....THANK YOU.

For me personally, I'm not sure if my season is done yet or not. There may be more opportunities in the coming weeks to broadcast more WHL games.

I'll also have to find a Tigers jersey somewhere... Rhonda Carlson should be able to help me out I'm thinking. I know one thing, she would have looked way better in a Broncos jersey than the alternative.

I'll be able to stay in the playoff loop somewhat with the weekly production of WHL This Week Radio Edition which the league will carry into late April or early May.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.....I know I will.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Jon. We have the best broadcaster in the league. It looks like you're finally getting noticed out there. Thanks for your dedication. Our family enjoys the broadcasts.

Randy said...

Hey Keener, I listened to the series in Regina on Sasktel max. It was great to have some playoff hockey in these parts. We may disagree on our teams but I respect your ability and intregrity, Looking forward to next year.


Jon Keen said...

Thanks Randy. It was a fun season.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that fat bastard DTjensen is talking about karma over on Rod's blog. His whole life is a walking disaster. He's the epitome of bad karma and the Pats. Maybe someone should call his boss Now thats karma.

Jon Keen said...

thanks for the update. I could care less about people like him though. Try not to feed the animals.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot Pats fans. It sure awesome beating you seven straight times and ending your season for a third straight year!

SAJ said...

The broncos didnt end the pats season. The only thing the broncos did was beat a team struggling to get anything done.

This year is pretty similar to the pats last year, except you guys gave up a little more to have the same ending.

Anonymous said...

Great Game, but how in the hell do they come up with the three stars?? what a joke

Jon Keen said...

The three graduating players for the final game. It's tradition. That's how.