Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Former Bronco Wins Allan Cup / Kris Foucault

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I had a chance to talk to former five-year Bronco Chad Beagle on capturing Senior Hockey's top-prize the Allan Cup.

Beagle played from 1994-1999 with the Broncos which has before my time here. He is fondly remembered by Bronco fans for his heavy hits and outgoing personality.

Here's some of his thoughts on winning the Allan Cup on the weekend with the Bentley Generals:

On the championship season:

"(Coach) Brian Sutter did a wonderful job of bringing it all together and he had a game plan from the start. It was an unbelievable season. We had lots up ups and tons of downs but it all come together in the end for us."

On local product and Generals teammate Curtis Austring:

"Curtis Austring is one of the most unbelievable men I've ever met in my life. He's absolutely the nicest guy. He came into our room with a ton of character. He's a gentleman, a class guy from a class family out there in southwest Saskatchewan."

On his memories of being a Bronco:

"The Swift Current Broncos are still next to my heart. I'm on the Internet everyday checking out the stats and who is doing what. I still have a connection with (captain Derek) Claffey's brother Dustin playing with us on the Generals this year so I got to keep in touch with how the team is doing through the Claffey family."


I've been trying to keep track of the WHL playoffs but my interest has waned somewhat since the Broncos were eliminated. One of the players I find most intriguing is Hitmen forward Kris Foucault.

The Broncos drafted him in the 5th round of the 2005 bantam draft 85th overall. It was a good draft year for the team. Here's some of the highlights of that year which included current and former WHL'ers Geordie Wudrick, Ian Curtis, Phil Gervais, Eddie Friesen, Jordan Mistelbacher and Clayton Cumiskey.

In the middle of the pack was Foucault.

Foucault came to rookie camp as a 16 year-old and was heads and tails above the pack along with Jordan Mistelbacher in the rookie scrimmages. The future was looking bright.

If Foucault did have a knock it was his conditioning and commitment to being in shape.

Too many forwards for the Broncos and a lack in Kootenay led to a trade with the Ice. Foucault for a 6th rounder if I remember correctly.

Foucault apparently had the same issues with the Ice. The Ice have an after practice work-out team dubbed " Fat Club". Foucault was a staple in it.

Earlier this season Foucault split time between Kootenay and Canmore of the AJHL. It was a trade to Calgary which has seemingly sparked the untapped potential of Foucault.

A personable kid, Foucault now leads the playoffs in goals scored with 10 after scoring twice last night in Brandon to help the Hitmen win 4-3 in OT.

You could make a strong case to say he's been the Hitmen's playoff MVP so far with their 11-0 record.

Many people in the WHL may be surprised with his rise but not some of the Broncos who played with him. Broncos G Travis Yonkman said to me earlier this season Foucault always had a heavy shot and good hands, he just had to put it together with his dedication off the ice.

The Hitmen can wrap up their series with Brandon tonight. Brandon will try to stave off elimination but winning four in a row against the Hitmen would be a miracle at this stage.


The Broncos pick 15th overall in the WHL bantam draft a week from today in Edmonton. I'll post the Broncos draft day thoughts in an upcoming post.



Anonymous said...

Foucault had a couple of good training camps in Swift as well. Both Paul Postma and Kyle Bortis are major ingredients in Calgary and have blossomed in Calgary, Postma a good bet to be top dman in the Dub this year. Three former Broncos that reached potential in Calgary too bad it couldnt happen in Swift.

Anonymous said...

Good for Kris Foucault, he was good at camps in Swift dint get a good shot, he was liked by teammates as well. Why does Calgary develope Swift's top talent Bortis and Postma (2003 and 2004)first round picks. Postma good bet to be WHL top D man, drafting must be good but not developed? Good for those three 3 players, they are a big part of Calgary's success.

Jon Keen said...

I wouldn't say Foucault didn't get a good shot. He was told about some areas he needed to improve on and didn't do it.

When Postma was here he was 4th on the depth chart amongst '89 defenseman behind Claffey, Doyle and Molle. Kudos to him. He has come a long ways.

Kyle Bortis is a player who needed a change of scenery to be successful. Same story for Dansereau who headed to the Broncos.

I don't think the Broncos have a problem developing talent. In fact it's the opposite. They've churned out an NHL pick every year since they came back to the city in 1986. Last year they had the most players drafted (4) by NHL teams.

It's easy to overlook that sometimes and only see the negative.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wasn't trying to be negative I guess wishful thinking that those 3 could have done it in Swift. You are right as last year two 19 year olds drafted, doesnt happen often, and both playing in the AHL this year, Wiese and Smith.

Anonymous said...

Postma behind Molle on the depth chart, i don't think so. Molle was a scratch and playing as a 4th line winger at 17 while Postma was taking a regular shift during the regular season until Rumsey started playing 39 minutes a game in the post-season

Jon Keen said...

It was Postma playing the wing on the 4th line. Not Molle.

Jon Keen said...

It was Postma playing the wing on the 4th line. Not Molle.

Anonymous said...

I Grew up with Focault Here in calgary. Thats the spark that noone knows. Ben Wilson and Kris Focault grew up together, watching the hitmen and the flames play and now thats them. Infront of there own people everynight. Ask around our graduating class and you'll get a couple stories of tennis balls through garage doors. I was the goalie everygame in gym class against his slapshots, of which across the gym kids would clear out the way to let it go. oh man those hurt.