Friday, April 17, 2009

CBC Playoffs and a Million Reasons to be Careful

First of all... the talk this morning is what Sportnet's Roger Millions threw out during a story out of Chicago when previewing the Flames/Hawks first round series.

I'm not going to post the video here but it's all over youtube. A quick search will bring up four or five different versions.

To Roger's credit, it's up to the producers to grab the right take. Obviously it was missed by the crew and went to air.

It happ
ened to me one time. I was doing live-to-tape draft reports from Vancouver at the 2006 NHL draft. I was reporting on the Alex Tanguay trade to Calgary. I messed up something and said s**t. I then started over "3-2-1... the Calgary Flames have made a splash on draft day..." The guy back at the station editing the reports missed the edit and aired the entire recording across our network. I was a little red in the face to say the least.

Bottom line, It happens. Remember Minnesota Twins color analyst Bert Blyleven a few years ago?


I love watching the playoffs on CBC. No one pays attention to detail like the CBC does.

I love the tradition and the way they really bring out the cultural side of "Canada's game".

My favorite part is the playoff intro which usually airs on the opening night of playoffs. This year's was awesome! I've been trying to find it but haven't had any luck.

They also air another one before game one of the Stanley Cup Final. For hockey fans they are a can't miss.

I was also a huge fan of the "Chance May Never Come Again" montages they used to put together. Great stuff. It really sets the tone for the broadcast.

And play-by-play broadcaster Bob Cole is a legend. He's been taking some flak over the years but let's be honest, he is a huge part of Canadian history.

Many of Canada's greatest hockey moments are narrated by the CBC legend. Most every one's favorite playoff memory has been told by the veteran Cole.

Little known fact? Cole and Don Cherry are the best of friends.

Just hearing him call the Bruins and Habs last night was fantastic.

He's the best.

Finally, some free advice:

if you're leading your playoff hockey pool after two nights it's not even worth mentioning to the others in the pool. The draft isn't won in April. Come back and talk in two months. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Have a great weekend!



Hodges said...

Jonny K --

Another little known Bob Cole fact. I met his niece in Scotland last spring, and she told me that (contrary to the countless criticisms of the man) he isn't a die-hard Leafs fan.

He is a life long Bruins supporter.

Jon Keen said...

Another little known fact? He hates to be touched. Seriously. It was in a book I read.

Anonymous said...

You can find the intro on the CBC sports page. Sadly there is no way to link it to a blog as I tried. It was great though.


Anonymous said...

LOL good ole' Greyson, I so remember when he missed that edit. You were so pissed! I don't know who was worse him or Darryl the Donkey. Poor Roger, but I'll admit it was funny.

Have a great week-end!


Jon Keen said...

T - Haha, I was so upset. Funny. Good thing nobody heard it. It was a Saturday afternoon...

Thanks Mitch, I'll go look for it right now.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling graveld..k, You don't win the draft in the opening round but you sure can lose it!

See you this summer.