Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I thought it was time for an update after basically putting the blog into hibernation the last week...

Here's what I'm thinking today,

- Broncos forward Cody Eakin has played in two exhibition game for Canada's U-18 team at the World Championships going on in Fargo, ND and Moorehead, MN. Cody didn't factor into the scoring in either game. Canada beat Finland 6-5 in OT and Slovakia 5-2. They begin playing for keeps tomorrow. TSN will broadcasts a handful of games.

I had a chance to speak with U-18 Head Coach Mike Johnston yesterday following practice. He had good things to say about Cody after only seeing him play on a limited basis.

He explained the style of game they want to play at the U-18's

"We want to play with some pace to our game. We want to play with some tempo and energy but at the same time we want to be responsible defensively. We want to try and have a balanced attack but we want to play with some speed, tempo and pace."


I've been a quiet observer of the WHL's 2nd round of playoffs. It seems as if Calgary appears to be clicking and won't be stopped against Lethbridge. We will see how much fight the 'Canes have left with tonight's game four.

Hurricanes Head Coach Michael Dyck has been frustrated with the officiating in this series. He's made some read between the lines comments in this series. Maybe the 'Canes can get rolling but it appears to be too little too late against a powerful and motivated Hitmen team.

It appears Medicine Hat G Ryan Holfeld may have used up all his saves in the 1st round series against the Broncos. Holfeld, who was strong in the opening round, is having a tough time with the potent offense of the Brandon Wheat Kings. Holfeld's .790 save percentage through the first two games is a far cry from what he was doing in the opening round.

In the Tigers case... When Tyler Ennis has a five point night and you still lose, then you're in trouble. It's doubtful this series is headed back to the 'Hat with the next three games in Brandon.


Golf season is here. In Swift Current the Chinook opens up nine holes on Friday while the Elmwood will be on temporary greens for awhile. To the North, Sask Landing will be on all 18 holes on Friday. Last year's 60 plus rounds will be hard to top. I'll try my best. Looks like it's the Chinook Golf Club for me this year. Who has the belt? (inside joke)


I'm still trying to track down a Tigers jersey to make good on my bet with Rhonda Carlson. Maybe the Tigers can drop one off on their way back through town following their three-game set in Brandon.


D John Negrin was returned to Quad City of the AHL following one game with the Flames. I have a call into him to get this thoughts of playing his first NHL game. He hasn't gotten back to me yet. I'm guessing it's been planes, trains and automobiles for the 19 year-old since his junior season ended a week ago. I'll blog something when I hear back....


It's NHL Hockey draft season... not the one in Montreal this summer, I'm talking about the office pool. To be honest, I haven't paid a lick of attention to it. Who are the teams to beat? Darkhorse? Fill me in.

I do know one thing, our draft (and probably yours as well) will have the usual suspects:

"The Phone Guy" - You know, the one who can't attend in person so he's attending the draft via speakerphone.

"Unprepared Guy" - The one who's list of players he had going into the draft were all taken in the first two rounds... now he's scrambling around trying to make picks 3 thru 15 with no clue.

"Distracted Guy" - The one who picks a player taken three rounds ago. Or in some cases, one
he picked in a previous round.

"I was gonna pick him Guy" - Every draft has a couple of these. He/She is the one that blurts out "I was going to draft him next!" right after the pick is made. That's why it's a draft, you can't have everyone.

"Pay Up Guy" - The one who doesn't bring his 20 bucks to the draft for the entry fee forcing you to hound him for the next two months.

Happy drafting.



Mr.Morin said...

Is the 'belt'comment directed towards me or what? If so, I believe you still are the champion but that will be remedied by summer's end....


Anonymous said...

I'm the unprepared distracted guy that was going to pick him and won't bring $20 to the draft.


Jon Keen said...

Yes, you're going for the tri-fecta this year. Good work.