Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bantam Draft Today

I didn't get a chance to blog the draft thoughts of Broncos Head Coach / GM Dean Chynoweth but here's a quick recap...

Chynoweth says they will take the best player available at #15 regardless of position and/or geographic location.

He's confident in the program the team has established and that it sells itself when it comes to recruitment of players. He says they will draft a player even if he's not committed to the Western Hockey League or Swift Current because they are confident in the quality of the organization.

When asked about trading up or down, Chynoweth says it's possible move they would look at. The asking price to move up in the first round is usually a 3rd round pick. I don't see the Broncos moving up in the draft today but I could see them moving down in the first round in order to recoup a 3rd round pick in which they don't presently have.

I'll have thoughts from Broncos Director of Scouting Jamie Porter later today.....


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