Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Blogging

Sometimes I wonder if this whole blog thing is worth it.... People can take what you say or mean completely wrong sometimes which can cause some grief and explaining you didn't plan on.

But I think a little grief now and then is out-weighed by the mostly positive feedback and information you can provide fans with. Let's not forget the biggest part of having a blog may just be self-promotion. I think this blog has done a pretty good job of that.

Anyways, more to the topic of the day...

- Just got off the phone with the mayor of Moose Jaw Dale McBain. The folks down the road in "The Friendly City" are about to go to the polls for a referendum on the newly proposed Multi-plex.

This is not only a big story for the city of Moose Jaw, it's one that the rest of the league will be watching with maximum interest.

You see, the Warriors future directly impacts that of the Broncos, Pats, Blades, Wheat Kings, and Raiders directly. For that matter, the other 21 WHL teams all have a stake in this.

A "no" vote to the Multiplex would pretty much spell the end of the Warriors in Moose Jaw. That would take away both the Broncos and Pats closest rival. It would be a major blow to those in the east division.

Mayor McBain will be on our pre-game show tomorrow night when the Broncos play in Regina.

If you know any hockey fans in Moose Jaw, give them a call and encourage them to vote in favour on Wednesday, the 25th.


Speaking of political leaders....

The Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall called into our Eagle 94.1 FM morning show today " The Breakfast Boys " after we mentioned we hadn't heard from him in awhile.

Listening to us on his way to Regina, he gave us a call to check in.

Even though we all know Brad pretty well in these parts, I still think that's pretty cool.

Safe to say I'm a big supporter.


Speaking of the "Breakfast Boys", Chance and I are set to coach/manage the two teams for the Broncos Skills Challenge Sunday at the Credit Union I-plex @ 3:30pm.

I've seen the rosters and I think Team Jon is lacking a bit of skill at this point. It'll take all my arm-chair expertise to get the most out of these guys. It's a challenge I'm up for! Admission is only $5 for adults and free for kids when accompanied by an adult.

Chance and I will host the event from ice level and talk to several of the players along the way. It should be fun.

for more info check out www.scbroncos.com


The Broncos head into Regina tomorrow night to the play the Pats. These teams will see a lot of each other over the next 15 games with four meetings planned. They will also close off the regular season in a home-and-home set.

There's no doubt a group of guys on the team that would like nothing more than to "help" in the Pats attempt of making the playoffs. After playing them in back-to-back playoff series, there is no love lost between the rivals.

The Pats, who sit 10th in the Conference with 15 games to play, need to start rattling off some wins. If the scenario comes down to the final weekend being do-or-die for Regina, you can bet the Broncos would be motivated to be the team to eliminate them.

The potential of that scenario arising should bring a buzz into Broncoland and our fans. Time will tell.

We're on the air with the pre-game show at 6:30pm, play-by-play tomorrow night at 7pm from the Brandt Center.

Speaking of Regina, there's another sports blog coming out of the Queen City. Check out Blair Mitchell's blog the Blair Necessities here.

More tomorrow,



Saskboy said...

"But I think a little grief now and then is out-weighed by the mostly positive feedback and information you can provide fans with. Let's not forget the biggest part of having a blog may just be self-promotion. I think this blog has done a pretty good job of that."

If it weren't for your blog, I wouldn't know you exist. And you'd probably not know that I exist either.

Blogs' positives almost always outweigh the negatives (unless a super crazy/mean reader/commenter/stalker) comes along. And there's nothing to say that you wouldn't have the same kind of unfortunate grief from an off-line meeting too.

Anonymous said...

With out this blog how would we keep up on all the Bronco happenings. Even with #23 no longer there we still luv to hear about the broncos and we try to listen to all the games. Some of the announcers in the A could use some tippers .

Jon Keen said...

Ahh #23, one of my all-time favorites. Know he has Sean Avery to deal with...

I wish him the best.

Jess Rubenstein said...

As someone who has dealt with the web world for 11 years, Jon my advice to you is to take those who attack/trash you as a badge of honor.

Internet courage is an amazing thing; the ability to hide behind a PC and trash another while using screen names takes a lot of courage.

Jon do not change what you do or how you do it as even though there are no Ranger prospects in SC, you remain a great read for information about the WHL.

Jon Keen said...

Thanks Jess, good to hear from you.

It wasn't an anonymous comment or anything... I don't mind that stuff. That never bothers me.

It was a story I was relating on the blog and someone completely misunderstood the background of it.

No big deal now.