Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skills Challenge Results

Here's the results from the Broncos Skills Challenge today...

Fastest skater:  Jan Dalecky 13.76/lap  Cody Eakin 13.85/lap
Hardest shot: (standing slapshot) John Negrin 90 mph, Eric Doyle 89mph
Shooting accuracy:  Justin Dowling 9/9 - 10.76 seconds

Team Jon 34 Team Chance 30


The guys then entertained the fans with some creative breakaways.  Geordie Wudrick impressed the fans with his puck control with several lacrosse style breakaways.   Joel Rogers implemented his glove on the ice for a nice goal.  Liam Darragh used his skate blade standing on the puck and deking.  

It was an enteraining afternoon at the Credit Union i-plex.

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O said...

Kind of surprised me that Dalecky beat Eakin in fastest, thought Eakin was the fastest. Rest was expected.