Friday, September 19, 2008

What 20 year old Problem?

What looked to be a major dilemma heading into this season has fizzled into nothing.

And Broncos Head Coach and G-M Dean Chynoweth called it.

Asked numerous times in training camp about resovling the 20 year-old situation, Chynoweth wasn't too worked up

"Im not going to lose any sleep over it, usually these things have a way of sorting themselves out so we will wait and see who comes back before we make any decisions." - Chynoweth at the start of training camp.

With nine potential over-age players at the end of last season, the Broncos now find themselves with three for the time being - Travis Yonkman, Keegan Dansereau and Spencer McAvoy.

Either through releases, injuries or pro contracts the number has dwindled to the allowed maximum.

With Dale Wiese agreeing to terms with the New York Rangers and Jesse Dudas suffering a knee injury (could be out for a month) at Oilers camp, the 20 year-old trio is set for the time being.

The Broncos don't have to make a final decision until October 15th which is the WHL's 20 year-old deadline.


Be sure to check out the Prairie Post's Broncos season preview which is out now. The PP did a great job in compiling stories around the team and the league. Who's on the cover? It's the Broncos new poster boy Cody Eakin.

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