Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We Have Spoken!

The WHL broadcasters poll results are out.

Each year the WHL asks for our take on how the standings will shake-down at the end of the regular season.

Les Lazaruk compiles the numbers and has passed on the information. Here's how it looks:

Western Conference: 1. Spokane; 2. Kelowna; 3. Tri-Cities; 4. Vancouver; 5. Seattle; 6. Kamloops; 7. Chilliwack; 8. Everett; 9. Prince George; 10. Portland;

Eastern Conference: 1. Lethbridge; 2. Brandon; 3. Medicine Hat; 4. Regina; 5. Swift Current; 6. Calgary; 7. Kootenay; 8. Saskatoon; 9. Moose Jaw; 10. Prince Albert; 11. Edmonton; 12. Red Deer

According to the WHL broadcasters, the Broncos and Pats are destined for a third straight playoff battle. A note on this, last year we correctly predicted 15 of the 16 playoff teams.

Thanks Les!

Now let's drop the puck.


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Anonymous said...

Did you get the order anywhere near correct?