Thursday, September 25, 2008

Having Fun With Keegan Dansereau

Ok, so we're getting some pretty good mileage out of this "Old Man" Dansereau bit we've been on for awhile now.

Keegan is the oldest player in the league this season with his January 1st, 1988 birthday. In fact that would group him amongst the oldest ever.

Keegan helped us out on our Breakfast Boys morning show on the Eagle 94.1 FM. Myself and Chance came up with a list entitled "Six Things You Didn't Know about the Oldest Player in the WHL"

Listen Here

Thanks Keegan!



Anonymous said...

Whats the scoop with Ryan Molle. Doesn't appear to be on the NJ Pre Season Roster or Scratches or am I missing something?

Jon Keen said...

Ryan was re-assigned by the Devils yesterday and practiced with the Broncos today.

He's expected to play tomorrow night against the Blades. said...

Hey Jon, whats up with Jesse Dudas will he be returning to the Bronco line up this year, or is he going to be playing with the Oilers this season?

Jon Keen said...

Jesse suffered an MCL tear at Oilers camp and will be out probably until late october, early november.

He will stay in Edmonton until he's healthy again and then will most likely be returned to the Broncos.

Stacey DT said...

I am wondering if I can get a copy of the radio show you had fun doing with for Keegan on Old Man Dansereau?

From his mom, Stacey

Jon Keen said...

Stacey, e-mail me at and I will get you a copy no problem.