Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Latest....

It didn't take long for the Western Hockey League to dole out a significant suspension. Saskatoon Blades over-ager Mike Reich was handed an 8-gamer for an eye-gouging incident involving Regina Pat defenseman Victor Bartley.

It means Reich will miss the home-and-home series against the Broncos in the 2nd week of the regular season.

More on Reich in a second...

Local paper reporter George Bowditch approached me the other day at the rink and had a good idea. He thinks I should write a book on a Broncos season. From training camp to playoffs and everything that goes on behind the scenes - an inside look for Bronco fans.

Had that been the case from this past season, I would've had one doozy of a chapter on an incident following game five of the Pats/Broncos opening round series... Mike Reich was one of the main characters among others... one day I will get into it.


Dale Wiese had a goal and an assist as the New York Rangers downed the Tampa Bay Lightning prospects 5-3 in Traverse City, MI.

It my mind it further seals the deal that Wiese will be turning pro this season instead of coming back to the Broncos.

Interesting note in this contest, Kelowna Rocket teammates of last year Tysen Dowzek and Brady Leavold were involved in a 2nd period scrap.

Next up for the Rangers is a home and home exhibition set against Zack Smith and the Ottawa Senators.

Speaking of those two, they will both join me on the phone prior to face-off in the Broncos season opener in Moose Jaw Friday night.


Homegrown Heroes is back for another season during the 2nd intermission of Bronco games. It's our chance to talk to Bronco parents as they reminisce of their sons growing up with the game and coming to Swift Current to chase their hockey dreams.

Find out which Bronco always had to wear his hockey helmet at the dinner table, or which Bronco made his mom get up early in the morning to play goalie for her son before school or which Bronco designed a make-shift zamboni so they could get some fresh ice on the creek they were skating on.... Homegrown Heroes, a presentation of Olynick Agro.


Anonymous said...

C'mon on you illiterate Lanigan High School graduate. Write a book so we can all laugh at your stupidity!!!!

Jon Keen said...

That's what editors are for...they will take care of the grammar. At least I have you coming back as a loyal reader ;)

Anonymous said...

so if Weise stays they are left with 4 20's. Who would YOU say takes one "for the team", McAvoy?

Jon Keen said...

Well, on paper that seems to be the logical choice but I don't want to think about that. Spence has been an outstanding player and citizen for this team. He knows his time here may be limited but he's being a professional about it.