Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Not much hockey talk right now and that's fine by me....

I did get a call from Mike Boyle (Spokane Chiefs Broadcaster) today from the Memorial Cup in Kitchener. It seems he just got my message which I left... in April! Hey, he's a busy guy! I don't even remember why I called him.

Boyler was in the media area watching Belleville/Kitchener tonight. He's gearing up to broadcast the Memorial Cup final to the Chiefs faithful back in Spokane.

If I know Mike, he's having a great time in Kitchener despite the pressure packed situation of broadcasting the big games. He's veteran that's for sure.

Regan Bartel ( summed up my thoughts in a recent post when it comes to posting regularly in the off-season. It's just not going to happen. First of all there isn't much to talk about. Secondly, I don't think anyone really cares all that much.

Before you know it the season wil be upon us again and then it'll be back to business and the hectic WHL schedule.

For me, the summer is almost booked-up as it is anyways. Moving into a new house and doing some minor renovations took up a little time. A couple weddings to attend, a golf trip, a three-day stag party in Montana, the NHL draft next month, some camping trips, a side project unrelated to radio and the annual Labour Day weekend in Regina will pretty much take me right into training camp. By that time I should be ready for it to all return.

Golf has taken up some time lately."You have to be the worst player for the amount you play Jon" was a comment a buddy made to me last year on the tee at the 15th at the Elmwood. While he meant no harm and everyone got a laugh, I really thought about it and seeked out some solutions at the beginning of this season.My first stop was spending some range sessions with our local golf guru and longtime professional John Gaudet at the Chinook Golf Course. John knows his stuff. He's been teaching for decades and has received instruction for some of the best in the world. He has me hitting it pretty well...although there's still some work to do. I hope to get my handicap into the single digits by the end of the summer.

I had the Lanigan crew up on May long weekend for some fishing and golf. It's not often you can get a group of guys around 30 for a weekend like that anymore. It's something you kind of take for granted when you're younger. And thanks to the crew at the radio station for coming out in hurricane force winds for our annual slo-pitch game against the local Kidsport committee Tuesday night. The game ended in an extra innings 16-16 tie under the lights at Mitchell Field.

I think everyone from the station had a good time. Special thanks to "Smokin" Joe Carnahan who was our honorary ringer. The three time WMBL MVP and now coach of the Swift Current Indians is just one of the guys. He's one of our favorites.

I plan to have a couple hockey related posts in the coming weeks...

Till then, enjoy your summer.


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