Wednesday, May 07, 2008


- The Moose Jaw Warriors are stepping up to offer their financial support for a new Multiplex. Pledging $2.5 million dollars towards the project is nothing short of remarkable for a small market franchise. $500,000 up-front and then $200,000 a year for 10 years sure takes a bite out of the bottom line. Obviously the Warriors are thinking their will not be bottom line without a new facility in the future. Could the Broncos support a financial hit like that? Not likely. Without some help or donations from supporters it would be a big burden to overcome. City Council in the 'Jaw should take notice, this is a huge commitment from their WHL franchise.

- The Western Hockey League Final could end tonight in Lethbridge. Last night was a dagger you would think. The Hurricanes leading late in the third period before Chris Bruton tied it for Spokane. Tyler Johnson then scored in a scramble in OT to give the Chiefs a 2-1 win and a commanding 3-0 series lead. My take? Hurricanes win tonight... series ends Friday.

It was interesting to see one of the storylines out of Lethbridge almost blaming Calgary for the lack of Hurricanes' success in the final. the Lethbridge Herald article talked about how the lack of a fight in the Eastern Conference final has resulted in the Hurricanes being unable to match the Spokane Chiefs intensity.

- The Toronto Sun is proposing a Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster's idol to land a job. Great idea. Where do I sign up? I think there's a lot of talent in the Western Hockey League in the broadcast booth. Sometimes I sit back and say "boy he's good" when listening to others around the league. Each of the 22 broadcasters in the league bring their own unique style and contrast.

- This whole blog deal has come a long way. At times I thought teams and personnel were against some of their information being put out there in the form of media. Now, I think they're almost disappointed when their news doesn't hit the web. Of course good news and positive stories are still the preference. To imagine one of the employees of the Broncos calling me and asking why a certain story is NOT on the blog would have blown me away a year ago. But, it happens and happens frequently.

- Note to media outlets who haven't caught on to the whole blog dealio. Once you get behind, it's awfully tough to catch up.

- My Ottawa flights and accommodations are booked for the NHL Draft next month. The media headquarters hotel will again be the downtown Marriott. As a member of the media, it's imperative you're staying at this hotel. It's where it all shakes down. News conferences, Top Prospects Luncheons.... it's all just a couple floors below you. I'm thankful Golden West Radio spares no expense and books me four nights (at $250 a night) to be part of the action.

The Westin Hotel will also be a hub of activity. Several NHL teams will make that their home for the weekend event. The two venues are about six blocks away as I recall.

It's interesting to watch the major sports networks all compete for the latest news and scoops. Sportsnet, TSN, and The Score all fight tooth and nail to get the story first. The reporters don't care much for their competition, at times it's cut-throat. That's the way I like it. Despite being the small market radio station guy the big media types don't seem to mind me chiming in and getting my questions out in the scrums. Just be loud, confident and quick. Most times you're the only one of the media to ever see a certain prospect play live so you are the most informed anyways. Just act like you belong. It's half the battle.

It's kind of a rush to be right in the middle of scrums where TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN and FOX/NBC/ABC Mic flashes are crammed under someones chin.

- A got a Magic Bullet as a housewarming present from my Realtor. This mixer/blender is an amazing thing. Consider that my product endorsement of the day. Come on over, I'll make you a smoothie.

- Switzer brought over the best housewarming gift... it was of the bullet variety too... 24 silver ones. Thanks bro.

- Need a ceiling fan installed? Don't call me.

- I had to jam out of a golf foursome this afternoon which is really bothering me. A low back strain is proving to be tough to shake. If this continues, it will be a long summer without getting out on the course. The foursome included the Broncos chiropractor and Athletic Therapist. You would think I would be in pretty good hands there eh?

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Aaron said...

You would have my vote on Hockey Night Idol. For my money Curle out of Calgary and Keen are as good as anyone out there besides Houson and Cuthbert.

Jon Keen said...

Haha, thanks Aaron. There a good talented group in the WHL right now that's for sure.

Hughson and Cuthbert are on another level than anybody else right now.