Saturday, January 05, 2008

WHL Reprimands Balaberda

Although the league doesn't make these things public, I've been told by a source close to the WHL that linesman Kelly Balaberda has been suspended for his next four game assignments.

It's also understood he will not be assigned to games in the I-plex in the near future, likely the rest of the season.

Kudos to the league for addressing the situation. They've shown compassion towards the WHL clubs in this instance.


Hodges said...

I've been told that it's two game assignments. Although, as you mention, you'll never get the league to comment either way.

Interesting that they'll crucify Adam Byblow in the media after botching a game last year, but there's no mention of Balaberda's actions or any subsequent discipline.

Jon Keen said...

Yeah Hodgie the league doesn't want to air their dirty laundry and I don't blame them.

The Byblow situation last year was quite an anamoly actually. Sure was strange.

I think the officials in this league do a good job. I hate to paint them with all with one brush so I should point out we have some real good ones in this league.

Nathan Wieler is the best of the best. The regina product does a great job.