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Broncos Down Raiders / Dean Talks Deadline /

I'll kick off this lengthy post with a quick recap of last night's 5-1 win over the Prince Albert Raiders before more trade deadline news and notes.....

The Broncos used three shorthanded goals including two within nine seconds in the 3rd period to down the visiting Raiders 5-1 at the Credit Union I-plex. The win was the Broncos first of the season against the P.A. in five attempts. The win also puts the Broncos on a three game winning streak for the third time this season. They've yet to win four in a row, they'll try to reach that mark Friday night in Brandon.

The Broncos first shorthanded goal courtesy Matt Tassone at 14:56 of the 2nd period broke a 1-1 tie and was the turning point as the game was played pretty event until that point.

Zack Smith scored his first of two at 16:32 of the 2nd to give the Broncos some insurance heading into the 3rd period.

Back-to-back shorthanded goals from Zack Smith and Cody Eakin just nine seconds apart at 7:12 and 7:21 spelled the end for the Raiders. For Eakin, it was his first game back since Novemeber 23rd. He missed 16 games with a concussion in that time.

Travis Yonkman made some good saves and posted a 21 save performance for the win in goal.


We had a visit from Broncos Head Coach / G.M. Dean Chynoweth in our post game show last night and he updated the latest on the trade deadline front. Ryan Switzer and I double barrelled him with questions in the Buffalo Brew Pub Broadcast Booth. Here's some of the highlights:

JK: First of all, what are your thoughts on a couple of big moves by the Warriors and Pats?

Dean: Well they definitely made a statement there's no doubt. I think both teams improved immediately. Whenever you bring in veteran guys and aren't giving up present roster players or impact people it's going to be a benefit.

You look around there's been lots of jockeying for position of who's after who and again of what the price is. We've talked about this around Christmas in regards to how high the prices were. I said to you I figured they would come down at the deadline, they didn't. The one thing you can attribute to that is that there are a lot more sellers than in the past. Also, there was a lot of big moves made early in the season.

Ryan: What's the Broncos trade deadline mindset? Buyers? Sellers?

Dean: We're in a buying mode. There's no bones about that. We've been on the other side for the last three years. I really like our group. I really like our forwards. I think we will have to assess our backend and how we can shore that up and also have some depth up-front.

There's moves to be made obviously some of the ones that have been done we were in but didn't get the prize in the end. That's a case of where the prices were and I'm not prepared to pay some of the prices of the guys they wanted from our team.

I think collectively as a group we have to play better defense. Whether we have to add a body, maybe two... that's always a possibility. I like our group and drastic change isn't going to happen. We will see over time how it produces with those other two teams (Regina/Moose Jaw). There is a fine line to the number of changes you make also.

Ryan: Take us through what it takes to make a deal as a General Manager. I don't want to take the veil off of being a WHL G.M. and I don't think you want to either. Is it difficult to make a deal this time of year from your perspective?

Dean: Well it's not difficult. There's an on-going rapport amongst GM's and conversations. Certain ones you talk to a little more and ones you know are in the selling mode. Touching base with them seeing what the price would be, what they need... we know the depth charts in the league of each team of where they have strengths and weaknesses.

It's not a matter of just going out and making a deal there's a lot of conversations that go back and forth and each side wants to think they want to win the deal.

The one thing I learned from a very good General Manager in Seattle in Russ Farwell was you have to pitch deals that make sense for both sides.

JK: Dean, a big question mark is the condition of over-age defenseman R.J. Larochelle. What's the latest on his situation. The Broncos may have a tough decision to make in the coming days.

Dean: He's skating now and that's a good sign so he is practicing. We are going to have to evaluate it again here the next couple days and make a decision of what direction we're going to go.

The unfortunate part about this deadline... I know everyone speculates and wants to know things right away.... they are kids. We have 22 kids in that room that bleed the blue and white. This isn't an easy time for them. On the other side this is a business and at times you have to do things to make your organization better and we've been committed to doing that.

JK: Do you expect the prices of a stay at home defenseman to come down as the deadline approaches?

Dean: Well it could... but the more time you spend with me on the radio the less times I have to work the phones.......

And with a laugh we cut it off there and let Dean get back to work......


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