Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Take

Ok, so four deals for the Broncos over the last two days has them feeling pretty good about the current roster as they prepare for the stretch run and post-season.

To Dean Chynoweth's credit, he did exactly what he set out to do. Adding some depth and defense mixing things up at the back-up goaltender position.

Today's pair of deals weren't really surprising. It was known going in that 19 year-old Jesse Dudas was a name that may be available at the deadline for the right price.

The St. Albert d-man has battled his fair share of injuries over his career but is effective when healthy. He comes into the situation already knowing a couple of his teammates in Spencer McAvoy and Matt Tassone. The trio from the Edmonton area are said to be friends and that's a good start to fitting into his new surroundings.

It should come to no surprise that Prince George G.M. Dallas Thompson took a liking to Ian Curtis - Thompson was in attendance for his best two games of the season.

Curtis made 23 saves in Prince George for a 6-1 win up in PG this October. Then, in Everett with Thompson looking on, Curtis made 22 saves and looked good in a 3-1 victory over the Silvertips.

Broncos Head Coach / GM Dean Chynoweth admitted P.G. had a couple Bronco players circled as the teams were looking at a much bigger deal earlier in the season that didn't happen. I can only venture a guess it had something to do with Ty Wishart.

This trade is a bit upsetting for me because Ian Curtis has been "my guy" for the last three years. I've pumped his tires since he was 15 as the next superstar. I was so impressed with him at his first Broncos camp after being a 2nd round bantam pick in 2005. He was the first goaltender taken in the draft that year. Bronco scouts will be shedding a tear for me the next few days.... not likely.

Anyone who wanted to talk Broncos hockey I was always quick to mention this Broncos surefire prospect who was big, athletic and full of swagger in goal... a Justin Pogge clone if you will. Remember, Pogge never really found his game till midway through his 18 year-old season.

Time ran out and trades are made and that's the nature of the business. I hope he goes on to a solid career with the Cougars and proves me right. Good luck Curtsy.

To fill the void in goal, the Broncos went out and picked up Mark Guggenberger from the Portland Winterhawks. Although a bit of a work in progress, some NHL sources say Guggenberger has the total package of size and athleticism you don't see very often in a goalie.

The Broncos plan to carry a 23 player roster for the rest of the season ( two goalies, eight defenseman and thirteen forwards). Defenseman Ryan Molle is back practicing and may play sometime next week. The initial 8-10 week injury report has since changed for the better.


I've never been one to post trade rumours. With that said, it appears some message boarders out there have no regard for our guys. The players all read these internet forums and blogs and I know there were some outlandish rumours posted the last couple days which led to some tense days for a handful of Broncos.

The internet is a powerful tool and shouldn't be abused for the sake of having some fun.

Thanks for everyone surfing into Keen's Korner. The last few days have seen record number of hits. Today's trade deadline fueled number could reach nearly 1000 visits.

Broncos and Brandon tomorrow night on the Eagle 94.1 FM. The pre-game show will recap all the Bronco moves complete with reaction. I will also do my best to introduce you to the newest members of the Broncos over the next three nights.

Join myself and Mike Fraser in Brandon beginning at 7pm with the Big Show, 7:30pm play-by-play.

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