Thursday, January 03, 2008

GM's Wish for Wishart

Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager Roy Stasiuk was in the building last night and he confirmed that Prince George Cougars defenseman Ty Wishart is the most sought after player at this year's deadline.

We had Stasiuk on our pre-game show last night. Here's his trade deadline thoughts.

On making a move...

"Right now we've got some depth, we could do some things but at the same time we really like our room and there's good chemistry. We're probably a year ahead of schedule so we have that luxury."

On Ty Wishart....

"The nice part about Ty Wishart is that not only is he a good player but at the same time he doesn't cost you two spots as he's not an overager. There's a lot of overage defenseman that are out there that are very good. The problem is if you don't have room for one on your roster you're going to have to move one.

Wishart would be the premier guy, the price is very very high and there again you have to decide if you're the team that's going to try and win it all. I won't mislead you, we've inquired about Ty Wishart. We were asked to give our offer which we did and I hear it's going to take a lot more than to acquire the player. We are going to use some common sense and not sell the farm for a three month player who's already signed a pro contract and in all honesty who knows where his heart and head is at in terms of finishing off his WHL career and starting a pro career."



Anonymous said...

I would be a little upset if a player flipped a puck at me and I wasn't expecting it.The call was the right one and get off the BASHING THE OFFICIALS TRAIN.The Broncos are playing uninspired hockeythat has zero to do with the officiating.Looking at Mr. Balaberda's W.H.L. profile,he has worked two World Juniors,3Royal Bank Cups,2 CIS Championships,he can't be the reason the Broncos aren't winning.

Jon Keen said...

Your complaint isn't with me anonymous. You're complaint is with the WHL.

Broncos won both on the weekend too... if we're keeping score and all.