Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Thoughts

Just finished up another Monday Night Best Western Meet the Broncos at Smitty's. Spencer McAvoy and Travis Yonkman were out guests between 5-7pm. This is the last Meet Broncos for awhile with the team hitting the road to close off the first half of the season.

Spence and Yonks are two nice young men who are a treat to be around. A chance to talk about Bronco hockey and where things are at occupied most of our time. These guys know the team is in a funk and are taking steps to right the ship. They know the fans are talking a lot about the state of affairs. They had a chuckle that I seem to be the focus of a lot of talk over on one of the message boards... taking the heat off the team for the time being.

More on that... apparently a comment I made on a previous post has ruffled some feathers. For the record no one has called me personally or talked to me directly about my statement regarding the atmosphere in the rink and how we improve it. So far just anonymous posters who had to get something off their chest... similar to what I did I guess - although I have to stamp my name to it.

I wasn't going after one specific person or department despite what some may think. You can go back and read it again if you like. I was however just trying to get the wheels going on how we can better improve the game experience for the fans and the players. Energy creates emotion and we seem to be lacking a little lately in our building - just ask the players, they know it. I think if anything, it has people talking, even if I'm putting my neck on the line a little here...which there's no doubt I am. I'm a journalist and think I'm allowed to ask those questions from time to time.

I want the best for this team, organization, fans, and sponsors. Everyone that plays a roll from September to May. I want this team to succeed so much that I'm willing to take some heat if it means helping things long term. I'm fully expecting to take some backlash over it. No harm was intended and no one should be singled out. Even though a few posters are taking some pretty good runs at me over there. I can live with it. The problem is too many take those message boards and what is said as the Spoken Word. It's so easy to fire away at will anonymously with no chance of repercussions. The board, the team and players read that stuff and take a lot of it to heart.

Our fans deserve an exciting, passionate team and building and are long overdue to celebrate the good times. This year has the potential to be a great one and we should try and get the most out of it. A loud positive atmosphere goes a long way on the ice.

To the Broncos staff, we know it's a thankless job most of the time. The only time people take time to say anything is when they want to complain I've seen the e-mails that come in and I know it's mostly all negative and rarely positive.

Over the eight years broadcasting for this team, I've had a great relationship with the promotional and marketing staff. From the Gourlays to the Zimmermans to the Nyhagens to the Boutillers. We have worked and will continue to work hand-in-hand to promote this team and the events surrounding it. Like the Teddy Bear Toss, the Home Opener, the Goals for Education Lottery, Season Ticket Drive. If they call me and want some airtime on the morning sports, Breakfast Boys Morning Show or Broncos broadcast, we are more than glad to help out. These guys will back me up on this and I know most still check in on the blog from time to time.

The big thing is winning cures all. Had the Broncos won five of their last six rather than the opposite would we be having this debate? We all know the answer to that. Winning is the be all, end all super cure to everything.

But we should ask ourselves how we can help the situation? Heck, I've spent the last day wondering how the broadcast could market the team and the players a little better and what I can do personally to help raise the excitement and profile of this team. There's a lot I can do to improve things on my end. I will be trying to do a better job of it in the 2nd half of the season.

We're all in this together. Let's enjoy the ride.

I welcome your comments, concerns, questions and thoughts.


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Regan Bartel said...

Keen I blame you for everything. Get your act together!! lol.