Monday, December 10, 2007

Day Four, Day Off

I left the camera in the hotel room yesterday so no pics from day four. I'll bust it out later today and tonight for the Broncos game in Tri-Cities against the Ams.

The boys went through a light practice in the morning and then had some time to their self until a team supper in the evening. Some checked out the malls, others have family in town as the team makes a two night pit stop in Spokane, Washington.

Days off on the road are rare so you get a good chance to do some exploring and shopping if you so choose. I was down at the mall walking around Macey's and Nordstrom with a couple of team personnel. A quick stop into the Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch to pick up some Christmas gifts and than over to the local Steelhead pub to watch some NFL football. Not a bad day off.

The guys all came back with stories of what they did, where they went and what the saw. Perhaps the most interesting story of the day belonged to Geordie Wudrick. He witnessed a wedding disaster in the hotel lobby as he described it. Geordie told me the bride and groom got into a big spat and were swearing and yelling outside the ballroom. Then the parents from both sides got involved in some finger pointing and yelling. Apparently police were called and an arrest was made but we couldn't confirm that. Quite the scene according to a couple of the guys. It was a classic example of "When Weddings Go Wrong". Im sure they have many years of wedding bliss ahead.

The team will pack up and depart Spokane this afternoon and make the two to three hour trek to Kennewick for tonight's game against the Ams. Apparently the roads aren't that great after some heavy snowfall yesterday. We will be leaving a little earlier than usual just to be safe.

We're on the air at 8:30pm with the Big Show. Our guests will include Everett Silvertips General Manager Doug Soetart as he talks about Wednesday's meeting between the Broncos and 'Tips. We will also talk to Bronco over-ager Erik Felde as he makes his return to Tri-Cities to battle his former team. I know he's excited.

That's all for now. I'll have more pics and news later today.


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