Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Broncos Hit the Break 8th in East

This will be my last Broncos post for awhile. After a long trip out west where the team went 2-4, the boys have headed in their separate directions for the next 10 days to enjoy the Christmas break.

No doubt the Broncos limped into the break with losses in Portland and Seattle. Seattle's loss was a bit more disturbing than the Portland one just strictly based on the effort as a team and some poor individual play that resonated through in an 8-3 loss to the T-Birds.

Does this team have worked to do? In one word, plenty. It won't happen overnight, this team has to start from the ground up and get back to the basics like effort, teamwork and chemistry.

The recent struggles have the Broncos in 8th place, but only 8 points out of the Conference lead which is still attainable if this team plays up to it's capability. Simply put, this team needs to go on a 2nd half run. Three wins in a row was the longest first half streak. That won't cut it when most teams seemingly are getting points every night. Moose Jaw for example hits the break with points in 12 straight games.

The 2nd half will be a good challenge for the coaching staff to get the most out of this group night in and night out entering the playoffs. This team has yet to peak and hopefully can start playing their best hockey when it counts.

The good news may lie in the remaining schedule. Having only played 15 road games in the first half and 22 on the road, the Broncos can use the 2nd half to get comfortable at home and start building something. Only the Red Deer Rebels played more games on the road (24) in the first half.

I'm off with family for seven days to Puerto Plata where hockey will be the furthest thing from my mind. I hope the coaches and players have a nice break where they can clear their minds for awhile and come back strong and focused for the 2nd half.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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How about a midseason prospect update??