Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Broncos Spend the Day In and Around Everett

A day off in Everett, Washington.

The Broncos had the complete day off from on-ice activities - the first time they've avoided the ice all together on the trip.

Tomorrow night the Broncos roll into the EEC to battle the Silvertips. The 'Tips will be tough. They're known as one of the hardest working teams in the 'dub but no doubt look a little different than last year's potent roster.

Adding to the list of missing players will be Zach Hamill and goaltender Leland Irving who are attending the World Junior Evaluation camp in Calgary.

Today, former Bronco Dane Crowley met up with some of his former teammates at our hotel. I spoke with Dane for a few minutes about how the season is going and he says they have a hard working bunch minus some of the big names they had from last year. He still is one of my favorite guys to come through the Broncos in my time. Dane will be a guest on tomorrow night's pre-game show along with Kyle Beach if I can track him down pre-game. Former Silvertip Eric Doyle will also share his thoughts on the big game against his former teammates.

"Crow" is a big part of the Tips this season and is being looked upon for leadership with some of the departed players including his friend Brennan Sonne who was moved to Red Deer for Clayton Bauer in a swap of over-age forwards.

This will only be the 2nd meeting all-time between the Broncos and the Tips in Everett. The Broncos won the first meeting back in 2004 2-0. The Broncos are 2-1 against the Tips all-time. Everett dominated last year's contest to the tune of 6-0. They were impressive.

Everett is easily the most hated team in the U.S. division. In Spokane and Tri-City both the fans and team personnel reminded us to "make sure you beat Everett".

Why are they hated? It's simple. It's the big three if you will. Former Coach Kevin Constantine and his actions, Kyle Beach, and their in your face fans. The U.S. division teams and their followers have seen their fair share of antics and it's rubbed them the wrong way.

I'm indifferent when it comes to them. They sure put on a display of work and skill in Swifty last year and former Coach Kevin Constantine is one of the most intelligent coaches to to talk to. Kyle Beach? Seems like a helluva hockey player to me.

We're on the air at 8:30pm Saskie time with the pre-game show, 9pm play-by-play.


As for the guys today (Tuesday) they had a pretty relaxing day. Most of the day was spent at this huge outlet mall. Most did some Christmas shopping while others just caroused around.

Supper was at a nice Italian restaurant in Lynnwood followed by a movie. "No Country for Old Men" was the choice of the night. It got mostly thumbs down from the crew while a few enjoyed it. I thought it was ok. It was one of those flicks that made you think I guess... no brainless comedy which is usually the choice on the bus.

The team will practice in the morning in preparation for the fourth game of the road trip. Don't look now but the Broncos have slipped to 8th in the conference after wins from Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat tonight. Only seven points separates 1st from 8th in the Conference. A far cry from the 19 points separating 1st to 8th in the West. Like I've said before, eight really good teams are going to make the playoffs in the east. Round one will be an absolute war. There will be no favorites. Quite the 2nd half is shaping up.


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