Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 1/2 Pics, Broncos Vs Ice Tonight

After travelling most of the afternoon and evening, the Broncos pulled into Cranbrook around 10pm local time. Just your typical bus ride. 22 players, three coaches/management, an athletic therapist and a radio guy.

The trip seemed longer than usual and the usual movies to pass the time just didn't cut it for some reason. Bronco rookie import Jan Dalecky wanted to take me on in a game of Sony PSP NHL 2007 with about an hour to go in our trip. He says he's the best.... I told him I'll play Football against him. You see, he's yet to grasp how that game is played. Doesn't understand a lick of it. I'll take my chances with that instead. We didn't get very far... the batteries died within moments.... oh well, back to Pirates of the Carribean.

Here's a few pics of the early happenings of the trip....

Ian Curtis helps load the bus before departing.

There's always so much stuff to pack for the U.S. swing. Especially with most of the guys leaving for the Christmas break following the last game.

The guys set up the room in Cranbrook after arriving around 10pm

Next morning. Gameday skate. Dale Wiese leads the team through some stretches at center ice.

Athletic Therapist / Equipment Manager Paul Ayotte does some skates

Captain Zack Smith waits his turn to jump into a drill

Matt Tassone catches a break. He could be back in the line-up tonight after a slight upper body injury last Friday night vs Kootenay.

Eric Felde winds down on the bike after practice.

Its the Broncos and the Kootenay Ice tonight from the Rec Plex in their 2nd meeting of the season. The Broncos will try to carry momentum from Tuesday's win over Red Deer while at the same time look for some revenge after Kootenay beat them 7-5 a week ago. That night the Ice built a 5-0 lead in the 2nd period before the Broncos rallied back to make it close.

The Broncos are expecting some help in the line-up tonight. Spencer McAvoy, Geordie Wudrick, and Matt Tassone will be evaluated later today.

We are on the air at 7:30pm with the Big Show, play-by-play at 8pm. Decent day in Cranny, about -7 with some sunshine at noon local time.


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