Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 'Whack Pays a Visit

The Kamloops Blazers will play their 2nd home game in as many nights as they welcome the Chilliwack Bruins at ISC.

The Blazers are coming off a 5-2 win of Prince George but they aren't exactly patting themselves on the back for their effort. The Bruins lost 9-4 in Vancouver....enough said.

Despite the loss, Chilliwack Bruins sniper Ryan Howse had a hat-trick. The Bruins are still without their captain in Brandon Manning.

Not much change expected in the Blazer line-up to my knowledge. You may see one of the rookies inserted who didn' t play last night either Chase Souto, Lyndon Martell or Rhyse Dieno.


It was great to see 4597 fans in the building last night. Something I'm not really used to as the home announcer. I thought they were loud and energized on some of the nice Blazer goals... especially Ranford's in the 2nd period to make it 4-1.

We're on the air at 6:30pm on Radio NL... puck drops at 7.



Ernest said...

It is a very disappointing crowd in most peoples view here. Thru bad management is still poor advertising the crowds are 500 to 1000 less than normal(well a few years ago I guess)

I find very poor entertainment during the intermissions, they could utilize all the TV screens around the rink to show info , player pics so people can recognize the new players etc...the big screen could be used for a ton of stuff. It amazes me that the club has 5 millionaire owners and still 2 years later very little is visible in getting the product out to the fans. You have only been here for a month or so but for us fans we have been thru 10-15 years of bad management, poor poor drafting and recruiting and a very negative vibe around the team and arena. I know they say WIN and the fans will come out but even with giving away lots of free tickets to the home opener only 4500 fans showed up. Management/Owners have to spend a few bucks and advertise their product and get the young school kids back to the arena

Jon Keen said...

From what I've seen from an outsider's perspective it appears to be going in the right direction.

Fans here grew accustom to the dominating teams of the '90's and therefore can holf the organization to that standard.

If I know one thing it's that winning cures all. All of your other points become moot if the team is winning.

Lose, and all the stuff like intermission entertainment and scoreboard usage is not even talked about.