Friday, September 17, 2010

Bosch Talks Blazers

Newly acquired Blazer goaltender Jeff Bosch spoke with Radio NL's sports department just shortly after the news was announced....

Were you surprised to be headed out west?

"A little bit but I heard they picked up another 20 year-old goaltender (Thomas Heemskerk) last night so I knew I was on the wire from that point on."

Are you excited about the move for your final year of junior hockey?

"I'm excited to head out to that competitive conference. It's a little more free flowing. The buildings out there are really nice and the crowds get excited... it should be good. It's also going to be good to not wake-up to -40 weather in the winter time anymore."

What about coming into the situation here with 19 year-old Jon Groenheyde already established?

"It's always a good thing when you have two good goalies around to push each other in practice and it games. I had a good partner in Moose Jaw and we did that. It should be a good thing."

Describe yourself as a goaltender for the people out here that haven't seen you.

"I'm a pretty athletic guy. I'll play the position soundly but I'm not scared to think outside the box and make that big save however I can make it."


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