Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here's what is happening today....

- I asked Chase Souto about his Saturday night scrap against Zach Habscheid of the Chilliwack Bruins. The Blazer rookie is taking the scrappy side of him seriously and admits he's getting a little help.

"I talk to Josh (Caron) and Schabes (Chase Schaber) about (fighting). I look up to those guys a lot."

Souto even recruits a little help from the internet to find out who's who...

"I'll go on...(youtube) before games and see who's fought. I'll try to study how they throw... everything helps."


- Blazers General Manager Craig Bonner was very honest today in an interview with Radio NL's Rick "The Bear" Wile when talking about the re-assignment of F Rhyse Dieno to the SJHL.

"He's still been very inconsistent. We thought he was very average in the exhibition season and probably didn't get to the level we thought we hoped he would. That happens. Plus we've had some guys come in and beat him out of the position. That's the way hockey works and that's the business of the game."


I had lunch with Aaron Oviatt on Monday. People in Swift Current would remember that name. He used to be on the Broncos Champions Committee and was a strong supporter of the club.

Aaron is now in Kamloops along with his family working for ScotiaBank. He's remained involved with junior hockey. He's now one of the Blazer billet families.


Looks like I'll be making an appearance at an upcoming Blazer Booster Club Night. I've been asked to speak at Monday night's dinner. Hopefully they take it easy on me. I was told this was one of the duties of the Blazers broadcaster. It should be interesting to meet and here some of the stories from the long time Blazer supporters.


Goaltender Jeff Bosch will likely see action this weekend coming off an ankle injury as the team hits the road for Everett and Chilliwack this weekend.

"Very excited to play again. It's been a long time since I've played a game. Hopefully I can make some saves for these guys."

He's not feeling the nerves, he's been through this all before.

"I've been through a lot of situations in my career. I've been through a first game with a new team before and I'm just excited to get out there."

I asked him about having the biggest defensive corps in the Western Conference in front of him...

"There are some good sized guys on defense here. They can take care of the front of the net, protect me. It's nice to have a big strong blueline here."



smackitsakic said...

Tell Oviatt I say hi. I miss that guy.

Jon Keen said...

I'm sure he'll see this