Monday, September 20, 2010

Blazers On Shaw

The Kamloops Blazers will be televised on Shaw TV
a total of three times this season
The WHL and Shaw Communications released the schedule today. You can see it here.
The Blazers wll host Regina November 23rd, Everett February 2nd and Tri-City March 8th at Interior Savings Center.

A familiar voice to Blazer fans will handle most of the play-by-play for Eastern Conference games. Kirk Fraser is on board for seven broadcasts. He will also host the three games from Kamloops.

Dan Russell and Bill Wilms will again handle the broadcasts for all Western Conference and Central division match-ups.

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Anonymous said...

Man what terrible games. Why don't they have at least one Kamloops vs Vancouver game in there? Regina? Tri-Cities? Really? Why would you show games with zero rivalries? Brutal.