Monday, July 28, 2008


It's really tough to start thinking Broncos with the Riders dominating headlines and everyone's thoughts around here.

Another big win for the Green and White yesterday over Toronto pushes them to 5-0.... their best start in over 60 yeas.

I was happy to see Rider fans pay tribute to former QB Kerry Joseph in the pre-game introductions. Now a member of the opposition, Joseph did some great things both on and off the field in his time on our side. I'm a KJ fan!

Getting back to the Broncos....

Bronco rookie camp opens three weeks from today at the Credit Union I-plex. The organization is starting to get excited.

I had an extensive chat with Broncos Director of Player Personnel Jamie Porter last week. We talked about camp and some of the prospects looking to land a roster spot.

It's promising to be a competitive camp with some new faces expected to make a strong push to land a spot.

Later this week we will go through the 15's,16's and 17's and who to watch for. A must read for those die-hard Bronco fans!


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