Monday, July 14, 2008

The Off Season

Ever wonder what some of the guys do in the off-season?

How about a little fun.... here's a pic of some of the guys before heading out together to the Calgary Stampede.... (see below)

(left to right Travis Yonkman, Spencer McAvoy, Ryan Molle, Derek Claffey)

Sure it's just a picture but for me it says a lot. Teammates that get along and spend time together away from the rink often leads to success on the ice.

Meanwhile back in Swift, the Broncos had their annual Wellington West Swift Current Broncos Golf Classic under less than ideal conditions at the Elmwood. 150 golfers fought high winds, rain and even hail.

My team consisted of Carol and Brenda from the Broncos office along with new P.R. guy Keegan Goodrich and Jordan Wall from the Marketing Dept. We did pretty well, and even won some cool stuff. It was a good time.

The McCleary / Holt group were the eventual winners of the first flight I think they checked in somewhere around -14.

In the coming weeks I'll start to take a closer look at the season ahead. With several changes to this year's team it should make for an exciting year once again. I will take a look at some of the prospects to watch out for and will post another edition of "10 Reasons to get Excited for Broncos Hockey".

Also.... stay tuned for something pretty cool later this week. More later.


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