Friday, July 11, 2008

This 'n That

- Windy and cool today for the Swift Current Broncos Wellington West Annual Golf Classic. The rain has stopped for now but....

- Curtis Hunt is leaving the Regina Pats for the Ottawa Senators. He will join head coach Craig Hartsburg as an assistant. Hunt has coached the Pats for the last four seasons. His relationship with Hartsburg goes back to the World Junior Championships. It's a great move for Curtis.

Now the replacement names are flying around. Former Pat Dale Derkatch who now runs the Notre Dame Hockey Academy and local product Marc Habscheid are getting the most ink. Both would be great choices. Not too sure if the potential sale of the franchise and a new ownership group would make a candidate shy away from the job or not. Habscheid has talked in the past about finding a great fit and good situation... would this be the one? I'm not so sure. I guess I could always ask.

- It's being reported that Broncos graduated defenseman Michael Wilson will get an NHL free agent try-out with the San Jose Sharks. That's great news if it's true. Mike is a pretty slick offensive defenseman who did a great job with the Broncos in his short time here. Good find Harley Love! (Broncos BC Scout). I've been told that Mike's intentions are to attend UBC next season. There is also some interest coming from Europe too.


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Anonymous said...

Certainly Harley Love deserves a shout out just because he is a beauty, and he loves to claim Wilson like he ound him in Nairobi, Kenya or something, but he didn't have to look real hard to find the kid. He was second rounder who played games as a 15 year old in both PA and Langley in the BCHL. He was a 34th overall pick who did very well as a 16 and 17 year old in BC. Michael's focus kept him out of the WHL. He was a high profile kid in BC who was given every opportunity to be recognized. When he got traded to Quesnel, Harley saw what everyone else in hocky knew. He saw that the kid was a highly skilled player so he made the call. He was a young kid with WHL experience who chose to remain 130 pounds through his 18 year old season. Kudos to Dean Chynoweth for taking the chance nobody else would. Wilson has seemed to mature. If he decides to find the weight room and a pile of all you can eat buffets, he could have a legit shot. But, he wasn't off the radar because he was off the radar. He was off the radar because he blew many, many chances. That's the truth. Chynoweth deserves all the credit for keeping the kid semi focused. I know you appreciate the truth.