Friday, October 19, 2007

Nice touch

Just saw the the new "WHL Plays of the Week" at

This should be a great venue to showKeegan Dansereau's two unbelievable goals this past week that will be (in my bias opinion) #1 and #2 hands down.

Dansereau's penalty shot goal against Edmonton was the nicest one I've seen. His "Tuesday night toe drag" around the Lethbridge defenseman complete with his top shelf shot in one motion takes the cake from this past week.

We will see where they factor in when/if the Broncos submit the highlights on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Jeremy Schenderling - 2 goals and 1 assist - 1st star as the Augusta Lynx win their home opener

Anonymous said...

You know, it's really too bad that Schenderling waited so late to get interested, If he would have played the last 4 years like he played in last year's playoffs, we'd be talking about his AHL home opener. Not knocking the kid. Just can't believe how he let it slip away on him.