Sunday, October 21, 2007

Random Takes

- Best line of the weekend? Colorman Ryan Switzer describing Prince George 6'8" 240 pound defenseman Patrik Magnusson. "Six-foot-eight Patrik Magnusson hails from Sweden. His hobbies include climbing tall buildings and swatting at airplanes."

- Honorable mentions to Broncos Assistant Coach Tim Kehler who told me in the post-game coaches show to "cheer up Keener, it could be worse".

- The Broncos held a Community skate today at the I-plex. From what I hear it was well attended. Tomorrow I'll be joined by Broncos Spencer McAvoy and Matt Tassone at Smittys restaurant from 5-7pm. The boys should be comfortable considering it's a regular breakfast hang-out spot.

- Despite the shootout loss last night the Broncos still have picked up at least a point in seven straight games.

- Do you love it or hate it? The dreaded shootout made the Broncos losers for a 2nd time this season. The shooters are 1/8 while Travis Yonkman has stopped 5/8 attempts.

- The Broncos can't seem to string together an extended winning streak. Their longest streak in the last four years is four games in a row which happened near the end of last season - March 9th to the 16th. Dean Chynoweth's career coaching longest winning streak is seven games back in the 2002-03 season. February 15th to March 3rd, 2003.

- The Riders are 11-5 after today's win and will host a home playoff game for the first time since 1988. The revenue from one of these games is estimated at $750,000. Their Touchdown Lottery is again a sell-out too. Brings a new meaning to the Riders fight song "Green is the Color".

- I saw a raging debate on one of those fans message boards about the best WHL broadcaster. My vote? Regan in Kelowna. He can make a good game sound great and a bad game sound good. He does a fine job of selling the product and making it fun to listen to. After all, shouldn't the game be entertaining? That's the business we're in.

- Busy nine days ahead for me but it's just par for the course at this time of the year. Monday night meet the Broncos at Smittys tomorrow. Tuesday night it's the Broncos and Prince Albert from the I-plex. Wednesday the Broncos are in Regina. Thursday they leave to Red Deer to get comfortable before Friday's game. Friday night it's the Broncos and Rebels from the Centrium. Saturday it's the Broncos and the Edmonton Oil Kings from Rexall place. After a long drive home I may have to be in Prince Albert the next day Sunday for a 2pm "AAA" midget broadcast (depending on the health of Kenny Audette). Monday night it's Meet the Broncos from Boston Pizza then Tuesday the Broncos host the Regina Pats. Phew.........



Alan Caldwell said...

Hi Jon - doesn't the CFL use playoff gate-sharing? If so, all that ticket revenue from the Riders home game will be spread around the league and there is no financial advantage to hosting a playoff game, only the home-crowd advantage the team enjoys in the game itself.

They may also get to keep concession and/or parking revenue, I'm not sure on that? But the profits from ticket sales are equally shared around the league.

Jon Keen said...


The Riders reserve the right to buy-out the playoff revenues from the league office. Not sure what the going rate is and it's a bit of a risk.

They buy the rights to all the revenues if they think they can exceed the price set down by the league.

They will profit, but you're right, the $750,000 doesn't all go to them.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up Princess!!! If you want the glory jobs you gotta do the dirty work sometime! (you actually do sound kind of busy) You probably thought I was in hiding(at least until the Pats took over first place) Well I'm BAAAACK! It should be a great season.

Pat from Regina

Jon Keen said...

Haha Pat is back. Just in time for the first Bronco/Pats meeting Wednesday.

The Broncos will be short some bodies that night but be fore-warned, these aren't the Broncos you remember from last season.

It's a brand new look with some explosiveness.

Should be a great six game season series.