Monday, October 29, 2007

Just Stuff

I find it more entertaining just to blog random thoughts. It's a simple way of getting things out there without tying them in to something... so here goes another installment.

- Ryan over has a good bit on Dean Chynoweth. Go check it out when you're through here.

- Is Dale Wiese and his thumb ok? He was blasting one-timer's today at practice (Ian White style as he would say) when a high screamer shattered the glass behind the net. Sounds like he's just fine. That's two panes of glass in the last week at the I-plex. Strange.

- Had a chance to sit down with Travis Yonkman and Ryan Molle tonight for Monday Night Meet the Broncos at the Modern Restaurant. A few fans stopped by including Garny Behm (who tells me he's a regular reader of the blog, thanks Garny) and his son Kade who doubles as a Broncos stick boy when he's not playing goal for the local pee wee rep team. We had a good time, had some laughs and some supper. The guys devoured onion rings, cheese toast. some soup, a full rack of ribs and some baked Halibut. A little ice-cream to finish off and that was that.

We went live on the radio a few times and the guys always tell me they hate doing it, even though they did a good job with it. I tried to lighten the mood by telling the guys about some of the interview gems the Broncos have had over the years - good and bad. There's been some real beauties over the years. Aaron Rome, Jeremy Williams, Matt Trojovsky and Ian White to name a few.

-I chatted with Warriors Head Coach Dave Hunchak today. The Warriors quietly have picked up points in 10 straight games. Sounds like they're having fun and playing well. He and his staff may take in the Broncos/Pats game Tuesday night at the I-Plex. The Warriors next contest is against Regina Friday night at the Brandt Center. If you see Hunch congratulate him on a quick start to the season.

- The other east division contender - the Brandon Wheat Kings, will host the Broncos Friday night at the newly named Westman Communications Center. I'm looking forward to seeing the revamped Wheaties.

- Trouble with the local Legion of Doom.. The "AAA" boys hockey club lost their head coach Gary Janke over the weekend after he resigned from the Legionnaires following a pair of losses to the Saskatoon Blazers. He's had enough. Players, parents, pressure.... it would be enough to drive anyone crazy. Janke's coaching numbers will never get him into the local sporting hall of fame. He'll finish his tenure with a very Washington Generals esq record of 15-69-4-4. I'm told assistant coach Kent Woods will take over on an interim basis for the rest of the season.

- Halloween trick or treating is Wednesday night. Living in a new neighborhood now in Swifty means a whole lot more kids. We're expecting upwards of 100 or so, small by some standards around town but still a lot mini chocolate bars to be handed out. Halloween candy consumed by Jon so far: 0 . I'm expecting that number to rise dramatically in the next 48 hours.

- I had one of those "wow" moments in the sporting world tonight. The Packers/Broncos Monday Night game went into overtime tied 13-13. On the very first play, Packers superstar qb Brett Favre went over the top for an 85 yard touchdown strike. Game over. There's something special about sudden death overtime. In my opinion hockey still has the most exciting o.t. experience. Nothing beats an o.t. winner in the playoffs.

- I think I have a male gym stalker. For some reason this guy is always there when I'm there which is no big deal really. We must be on the same daily schedule. But whenever I go in and change out I can pretty much set my watch to it. In he comes to chat about whatever is on his mind. Usually we talk Broncos which is all good. I just find it strange, it's like every time I end my workout, so does he. Weird.

Broncos and Pats will lock it up Tuesday night at the I-plex. Face-off at 7:30pm, action on the Eagle begins at 7pm.


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Mike Fraser said...

For the's Westman Communications Group Place....not Centre. Wouldn't want you to get that wrong on air! And you'll also notice that they've shortened it to Westman Place. There's some useless information for you....