Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thanks Everybody!

This blog is only a week old but already I think it's become the #1 source for Broncos information. Thanks for all the hits and good comments everyone . . . even you Pat you diehard Pats' fan. Keep me updated from the Queer city . . . I mean Queen city. Good to hear from you.

A few readers' comments have asked for a Broncos top prospects post. I'm on it. Later this week I will update the Broncos top 10 prospects in the system. These players will be in the Broncos' line-up in the near future, some could be franchise players. Make sure to check it out as the future looks bright for the club. I predict they could chase a WHL crown next year or the year after if they get some breaks and some good luck along the way. They'll need to find some decent Import players to compliment all this young talent coming up through the ranks.

Broncos and Wheaties Wednesday night . . . Broncos could be tops in the division by the end of the game if they can pull out the win. They'll have to stay out of the penalty box. Brandon boasts the top powerplay in the WHL and has offensive weapons like Codey Burki and Mark Derlago. Not to mention Dustin Kohn on the blueline and solid goaltending in Tyler Plante (even though the Broncos have always done well against him).

Be sure to pass on the blog link to all your friends and contacts:www.jonkeen.blogspot.com for all your Broncos inside info.

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pat from regina said...

Number 1 source of info?... In a town like Swift you just have to hang your head out the window and you can hear a dog leaking on the light post. By the looks of your comments most people there can't quite get their commodore 64 kick started.