Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beasts of the East?

Don't look now . . . but the Broncos sit a top the East division following last nights entertaining 4-2 win over visiting Brandon.

Good game by the club as they played disciplined hockey and put together a solid penalty-kill against the WHL's best powerplay.

The line of Leavold/Smith/Mcavoy combined for seven points. Smith had two goals and a helper. He almost had the hat-trick after taking a long stretch pass from Dane Crowley for the breakaway. His shot missed the mark though as he tried to go high on Tyler Plante.

Smith even did a good job of sticking up for his teammate when Brady Leavold was hit hard over the middle by Chad Erb after taking a "suicide pass" from his linemate. "I felt kind of bad about that so I figured I should be the one to do something about it". Smith commented in the post-game show interview

Dane Crowley was a machine last night. He scored his first goal of the season and was solid in his own end. What a pass to send Smith on the breakaway!

I'm liking this team more and more. Just wait, the best is yet to come.

Brandon can play! They have skill and speed to burn. The Burki/Derlago/Topilko line was dangerous all night long. The Juri Simek line was dangerous too. So was the hardworking trio of Reaves/Moore/Dittmer. Brandon is a much better team than there record would indicate. If they learn to be more responsible and not give up so many opportunities they will be a force to reckon with.

Is Kelly Macrimmon the Civic Center superintendent? He had his way with the referee, the linesmen, even the scoreboard operator. I must admit his constant chatter to the referee worked in his favour last night. Give him credit, he realized he was dealing with a WHL rookie referee and made the most of it. How he got 3 seconds put back on the clock so RJ Larochelle remained in the penalty box was beyond me. With the situation 4 on 4 and the Wheaties just called for icing, it appeared the Broncos penalty (Larochelle) had just expired. It would have created an offensive zone face-off with the Broncos now on the PP. But Macrimmon lobbied successfully for Larochelle to return to box to serve the remaining 3 seconds of his penalty.

Speaking of coaches, Everett Silvertips Coach Kevin Constantine has been fined $500 bucks for his actions at the Civic Center last Friday night. He was tossed in that game by referee Nathan Weiler. He reportedly, came back to sit in the stands disguised in a ball cap in the section just below our broadcast booth. He's a piece of work.

Last night's tilt was one of the most entertaining games of the season. It's too bad there wasn't a lot of fans to see it. What's with the crowds this year? Is there something better to do? Maybe. These are busy days for people running their kids around to various events. The Wednesday night crowds just haven't been there. Incidentally, the next Broncos home game is next Wednesday! They host Portland.

It seems we're putting a lot into these "fan bus" promotions lately. Last time I checked that doesn't take care of putting the butts in OUR seats. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing Broncos support on the road. It's a fun time for everyone involved but what is it doing to help our own situation and our crowds?

I'm still working on the Broncos Top 10 prospects list for a future posting. It's just really busy right now. Legionnaires broadcast tonight from the Fairview. Then the Broncos hit the road for games in Medicine Hat and Kootenay Fri/Sat. Four straight nights of hockey broadcasts, not sure if I can pull it off! This schedule is starting to catch up with me. Can't wait for the two weeks off at Christmas.

I talked to Broncos prospect Cody Eakin (1st round bantam pick, 6th overall this past summer) the other night. Look for that interview before the Broncos/Ice game Saturday night. I can't wait to see Cody in the line-up in the near future, wow what a high-end prospect!

Enjoy the division lead Bronco fans . . . now the trick is holding on to it. Always appreciate your comments and feedback. Let's hear from you.

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Anonymous said...

Great game to watch last night, to say the least!
What won us the game, is the fact that the Wheaties love to play dangerously, and when a guy like Zack Smith or Levi Nelson gets on a dangerous pass, it could easily end up in the net. The Wheaties ARE a dangerous and great team, but they have to work harder to get to the net, instead of always looking for that easy pass that will send a guy right on goal. You can take chances like that, but a hard-working club like the Broncos, will usually see their chance...if it's a GREAT chance, and will bear down on it.

Anonymous said...

YOU REALLY SUCK BADLY... Maybe you should look into a different career

Ryan Switzer said...

Yah suck badly. YOU'RE IN TROUBLE IN SPORTS!!! (joking)

It's great that Keen has this blog and speaks openly and honestly. The internet is a place where people can easily post their opinions in forums behind nicknames. It's good that Jon owns up to what he says and signs his name to it. Now excuse me while I go complain anonymously about Bronco coaching at

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog!

Ernie WALDNER (BIG ERN) said...

Hey, awesome blog JON!! And RYAN SWITZER, why in the world would you complain about BRONCOS COACHING?? LOL LOL LOL LOL