Monday, November 13, 2006

Deal or No Deal?

Ok, let's play a little game Bronco fans. You know that show "Deal or No Deal?" Well have I got a deal for you!

Let's pretend it's the eve of the season opener, the Broncos getting set to host the Regina Pats to begin the season. I gather all the Bronco fans together and propose this:

1/3 into the regular season and the Broncos will be 1 point out of the East division lead, sitting nicely in 2nd place . . . Deal or No Deal??


You would be crazy to pass this up right? Of course you would! Well here we are 1/3 into the season and the Broncos are a point out of the division lead but all I hear out there is negative, negative, negative. Sure we've had some rough nights, (I feel your pain believe me) but think of Regina. All that talent and just treading water at 9-9-1-1. How 'bout Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Saskatoon? They've had more bad nights than the Broncos have had. A lot of people need to take a look at the big picture here. I know, I know there has been some inconsistent play but overall did anyone expect the Broncos to be division contenders this season? Personally, before the season started, I said the .500 mark would be an attainable goal for this team.

So here are a couple of hours following a dominant 3-0 win in Saskatoon and all is good in Broncoland . . . for now. Game highlights included Matt Tassone's 2nd goal of the season as he blasted a puck by Braden Holtby on a 2-on-1 break. Kyle Moir making a seemingly routine 25 saves for his 3rd shutout and three thunderous checks dished out by Dane Crowley on Dustin Cameron (wow), Dale Wiese on Brad Cole and R-J Larochelle on Adam Geric. The Broncos took it to the Blades all night in this department.

Tomorrow I will try to explain why this year could have been "the year" for the Broncos. I will give everyone a hint: The dreaded summer of 2002.

"They told me to do it"
That was Ryan Molle's answer after pulling off a "shoe-check" on the unknowing radio guy (me) at the post-game meal tonight. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a timeless team tradition after a win which involves a rookie sneaking under the table to pour some sort of a sauce on someone's shoes. After the culprit returns to his chair the team then clangs on their glasses with their fork to indicate a successful "shoe-check" has been pulled off. Everyone then looks under the table to check their shoes and see who got it. Ryan, Ryan, Ryan . . . let me say you get an "A" for effort but the overall execution needs some work. Some advice, first order a side of ranch dressing - that always works best. It's white which works well on a black dress shoe and is somewhat tough to clean up. Don't use red ketchup (tonight's choice) and miss the target with most of the payload. Nice try rookie, nice try! Hopefully there are a few more road wins down the pipe so the boys can perfect their craft.

Till tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

thx for the road recap and the cutesy behind the scenes stuff.

how about some real inside stuff - ie. injuries, benchings, etc

Anonymous said...

I like the cutesy stuff, keep up the good work.

pat from regina said...


All this talk about the Pats. I think you know that when the bell sounds the best thing for your Broncs to do is unload whatever they can cause even if they do make the playoffs its going to be a short ride. The Pats on the other hand have 3 twenty year olds and 3 nineteen year olds so give them some time. When they get back from the agribitchin road trip they will be a bonded unit.

Anonymous said...

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