Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Not A Coach, But Here's How You Beat the 'Tips

First of all, I've never coached hockey at ANY level. I've been around the game all my life and understand it somewhat. Sometimes on the late bus rides home I sneak a peak at Broncos Assistant Coach Dave Hunchak reviewing game video on his laptop, but I never understand what exactly is happening. Oh . . . I forgot to mention I'm also 5-0 in the annual Black/White Broncos Intersqaud game! Sorry everyone but it's my coaching "claim to fame".

All joking aside here's some must-do's to knock off the CHL's #2 ranked Everett Silvertips. There is a catch here . . . you have to do them all to win.

1) Don't allow Everett to control the game. They can outright take over a game and force you to change your plan if you let them to. They are well coached, they don't give up a lot and force you to do things you don't want to.
2) Stay out of the penalty box!! You will not beat the 'Tips in a special teams battle. Their PP is ranked 2nd in the WHL at 22.5 %. Also their penalty kill is #1 at an astounding 91.6% - that's ridiculous! Stay out of the box, don't allow special teams to play a major role.
3) Get pucks in deep! This is a must. Everett just waits for a mistake to pounce. If you don't get pucks in deep and pressure them they will run you over. If you're getting off for a line change, gain center-ice and pound the puck in and get off. You cannot afford to turn it over in neutral ice or on an odd-man rush.
4) Score greasy goals. It's a must. Leland Irving is a top three WHL goaltender. Get in front of him, go to the net to get rebounds, bang away and get dirty.
5) Dominate them physically. Finish every check. Take away their willingness to compete. The Vancouver Giants are great at this. That's why they've own the 'Tips the last couple seasons. Pound their back-end. Make them pay to go retrieve pucks in the corner. Some physical play may result in some turnovers.

Sound simple?? Hardly. If the Broncos go 5 for 5 in this department they will end the 'Tips 10 game winnig streak. A few big saves from Kyle Moir/Travis Yonkman will definetely help the cause.

I'll have a recap of the game later, till then . . .

Go Broncos Go,


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Jay Richards said...

Nice read Jon. Welcome to the blogosphere. C U Sunday nite.