Sunday, February 07, 2010

Post Game Entertainment

In what's becoming a bit of a comedy hour post-game, Broncos Assistant Coach Tim Kehler had a little fun with myself and Tim Tisdale in the Frontier Builder's Post-Game Coaches Show last night.

This is becoming the norm rather than the exception lately. Once the hard-hitting questions are over, the show becomes a bit of an open mic... a boots and salutes if you will.

Last night's topics included his SuperBowl chili, the Miami Vice wardrobe, the lack of hats on the ice after the Justin Dowling hat-trick, to questionable words in the broadcast. Have a listen... I chose not to include some zany, circus-like music in the background....


Looks like it's a two horse race for the WHL ADT Goaltender of the Week. The Broncos Morgan Clark had an outstanding week but so did the Hitmen's Martin Jones.

Clark was 2-1 (the loss coming to the Hitmen Wednesday), his GAA was a paltry 0.98, he picked up two 1st star and one 2nd star selection,his save % was an impressive .972 and he posted his first shutout of the season.

Jones was 3-0, his GAA was .66, he picked up two 1st star selections, his save % .978 to go along with a shutout.


Tyler said...

That post game show is always rather entertaining. Ars count...that was pretty funny!!

Well I will be in the city this coming weekend, probably going to be at the Medicine Hat game on Saturday.

O said...

Don't always get your hat back. Last year I threw my hat($25 by the way at the Stable) and went to get back next game and it wasn't there. I'm not spending $25 every time someone gets a hat trick.

Anonymous said...

In most rinks you don't get, or expect to get your hat back. Only in Swift Current!!!

D-O-DOUBLE G-E-R said...

The fans should know that it was Dowling's third of the game, because the PA announcer, who is unbelievable by the way and just all over those little details (man is that guy good), always announces if it's their second or third of the night, as he did on Saturday. Just giving the fans a heads up on that for any future hat tricks. Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Jon Keen said...

Just don't give the PA announcer a mouthful to deal the word sportsmanship. haha.

dogger said...

ya, sportsmanship was the one word that did fold him up, lol