Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Day Travel....

I guess it's only fitting that I spend this Family Day Monday traveling with my winter family down the road.

The team departs later today for Cranbrook to begin another hellish week in the February schedule. Tuesday night vs the Ice, Wednesday in Medicine Hat, Thursday is the Broncos skills challenge, Friday the Chilliwack Bruins are here, Sunday the Broncos host Prince Albert... and so it begins.

Speaking of the Chilliwack Bruins... as has been a tradition when Marc Habscheid was with Kelowna, his team will practice in a small town rink. The Bruins will practice in Wymark (about 10km south of Swift Current) and have a gathering Thursday before the Friday night game.

The Bruins have some other local connections including former "AAA" midget Legionnaires Zack Habscheid and Shayne Neigum.

Bronco defenseman continue to be suspension magnets this season. The latest hit on a Bronco d-man to draw a suspension happened Friday night in Brandon. Scott Glennie sat one game for his elbow on D Reece Scarlett.

By my count, Bronco defenseman have been on the receiving end of five hits that have led to a suspension issued from the WHL.
D Joel Rogers continues to be out after taking a hit Tuesday from Mackenzie Royer of the Calgary Hitmen which drew three games. Here's a photo (below) of that hit courtesy the

Frankly, I'm sick of it being open season on Bronco defenders. A little onus though has to be on the Bronco defensemen to not put themselves in vulnerable positions. It's a fine art, the elite defensemen rarely have this happen to them because they have such good body position and take better lines back to recover pucks. That make sense?


I did the math awhile ago in my head when it comes to the playoff race. Looking at everyone's
schedules (PA, MJ, REG, SC) I maintain that .500 from this point with the exception of Regina will get a team to the post-season. All four teams aren't exactly blazing a trail to the post-season in the last couple weeks. Moose Jaw has two wins in their last 12 games, The Raiders have lost four in a row. Regina and the Broncos just broke three game slides Saturday night.

The Broncos play those three teams twice down the stretch. That will go a long ways in deciding things. The Pats have a long road, basically because they are chasing two teams to get into the post-season. There will be nights where the teams they are chasing play each other...someone is guaranteed to get points.

Consider this, if it comes down to the final weekend, the Broncos and Warriors have a home and home set while the Pats play Brandon twice. Someone will get points out of both SC/MJ games guaranteed.

Further to that, do you think the Wheat Kings will be taking their foot of the gas in the final weekend if they have a chance to eliminate the Pats from post-season contention? Not a chance. In fact I think Kelly would have his guys pretty amped up for that opportunity.

Whatever happens, it's going to be a lot of fun the next four weeks....



Anonymous said...

Good stuff on Family Day, John. Just looking at some stats. Adam Lowry having pretty good 16 yr. old season with 31 pts, +-11, 53 pims. I believe Todd Holt and Andy Schneider(Lethbridge & then Bronco had good 16's. Do you know where Adam ranks among all-time Bronco 16 yr.olds? Just curious. Thanks, Jim

Anonymous said...

Jon, I'm pretty sure you're going to Lethbridge on Wednesday not Medicine Hat.

Jon Keen said...

Yeah lethbridge. I put the post together rather quick today. About Adam lowry... That topic has been on my mind lately. Ill look into it.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bronco History:

Best 16 year olds:

Dan Lambert had close to 70 points as a 16 year old dman

Brian Sakic had 100 points as a 16 year old forward, in the same year Kimbi Daniels had over 60 as a 15 year old.

Daniels had close to 100 as a 16 year old, the same year Holt had close to 50.

Tyler Willis was in the 50 point 250 minute range at about 135 pounds. There hasn't been a 16 year old like that around before.

A young and humble Ian White was great at 16 and had around 45 points or so in early 2000s.

Eakin, Vause and Dowling, Lowry in a different era with less talented teams are all in the same league.

Eakin probably as the highest impact on his team despite lowest point totals of the four out of that group.

I would say

Lambert (could be 1)
Willis (complete package)

are your top 5 ever.

I would say the biggest jump from 16 to 17 was Ulmer, Milroy.

Ulmer went from around 20 at sixteen to around 85-90 at 17.

Milroy made the same kind of jump.

Best 16 and 17 year old seasons in blue bronco history would be:


Best 15 and 16 year old season:


Just my thoughts,

Jon Keen said...

Thanks cam. Appreciate the leg work.

Anonymous said...

no problem, Willis just had too many PIMS to ignore. lol

Anonymous said...

How about Joe Sakic at 133 pts as a 16 year old?

dogger said...

Joe was 17 in his rookie season with the Broncos, never played in the dub as a 16 year old.