Friday, February 19, 2010


For the first time since January 26th, 2007 the Broncos were shutout on home ice - a span of 113 games.

A lifeless 0/8 powerplay which included a 1:00 and 1:39 long 5-on-3 and a third period double minor was the demise on this night. Throw in a solid 31 save shutout from Lucas Gore in the Bruins crease and you have the makings for a frustrating home ice loss.

The Bruins picked up two powerplay goals from Jaime Crooks and a 2nd period goal from Shayne Neigum.

All four all-time meetings between the clubs have ended in a shutout with the Broncos winning the first three.

It was the worst PP performance of the season for the Broncos but Chilliwack had a lot to do with it. Their tenacious play and effective PK kept the Broncos at bay.

The win I'm sure feels good for local product Marc Habcheid. His team played hard and smart.

They head down the road to Regina to play the Pats tomorrow night. The Broncos have tomorrow night off befoe hosting Prince Albert in a big game Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

The Broncos problem on the PP is they want to take too long to set up instead of trying one-timers or shooting quickly before the opposition has time to get legs or sticks in shooting or passing lanes. We saw it over and over again tonight. There is no trigger man.

Anonymous said...

Keener I hope the Broncos don't make the playoffs as they are the softest and the biggest bunch of pansies I have ever watched in 15 years of junior hockey. Do they have one tough guy that will stick up for teamates. Do they ever play there 4th line? They need some serious help and if they do make the 8th seed they will be swept in 4 mark my words. 0 toughness and soft as hell makes for 4 game sweep. What are your thoughts

O said...

That is the most pathetic powerplay I have ever seen. Two lengthy 5 on 3s with hardly a shot and i don't think they even got accross the blue line on the second one. They should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

and yet no one says "fire the coach", intresting, if Dean was still here you know everyone would be asking for his head

Anonymous said...

That's because this team is not fully Mark's yet. Most of Dean's fingerprints are still all over this team. Starting next year, he will have to face his critics.