Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recognize this Former Bronco?

How about this?

It's former hulking Bronco D Matez Trojovsky (2002-04) from Plzen in the Czech Republic. His hockey career recently came to end because of re-occurring knee problems. It's the same knee problems that kept him out of the Broncos line-up for time to time. Listed at 6'5" 230 pounds in his playing days, Matty was as strong as they come.

He is one of my favorites to come through the organization. Always a personable guy and always entertaining. He's a former 4th round pick of the Carolina Hurricanes

He'd like to say hi to Bronco fans. He tells me he's planning a trip over here this summer.


Anonymous said...

He's a beast! Just a god damn beast!

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to him? What's he doing now?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, nothing really particular happened to me but i had seven surgeries done on my knee in very shot period of time. Maybe i overtrained one summer and with my 283lbs everything goes pretty quick i guess. Doctor told me that ths is genetic problem so maybe i just wasnt lucky enough to keep me healthy. Anyways thanks a lot and miss you guys. My best years in junior hockey were definitelly in Swift. Matt Trojovsky

Anonymous said...

Where does Matt reside now? I loved watching him play in Swift, he was great to the whole community.